Auroras Likely Visible Saturday

Solar flares reportedly place Syosset in prime viewing region Saturday night.

Long Islanders will reportedly be able to view the Northern Lights Saturday night, no trip to Alaska necessary.

According to AccuWeather.com, radiation from a Thursday morning solar flare will create a spectacular light show visible on the east coast.

"The lights are currently estimated for 8 p.m. EDT Saturday arrival, with a possible deviation of up to seven hours," wrote AccuWeather. However, if the radiation hits later on, the lights may only be visible in the West.

According to their map, Long Island currently lies at the edge of the "good" viewing region.

With partly cloudy skies expected Saturday night, it is likely North Shore residents will spot at least a few streaks of pink and green in the night sky.

Even if residents don't spot the show in the skies, they may see the phenomena in their electronics. Radiation from the flare may cause cell phone, GPS, and radio interference as it hits Earth.

Where is the best spot in Syosset or Woodbury to see the night sky? Is there a park, beach, or field in the neighborhood with good viewing conditions that is open?

Tell us in the comments!

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