New Hope after 9/11: Meltzer Family Celebrates Life after Loss

More than 100 friends and family members gathered to honor their lost one in a memorial softball game.

Ten years ago today, was killed in the 9/11 terror attacks. He was 32.

After 10 long years of mourning, the Meltzer family decided it was time to wipe away their tears and commemorate the life of their lost one. More than 100 friends and family members gathered at on Saturday to honor Stuart in a friendly two-hour softball game.

“Today is all about celebration because for ten years, we spent a lot of time observing Stu’s passing. We decided it’s really time to celebrate his life and observe what an incredible person he was,” said Rachel Meltzer, Stuart’s sister-in-law.

“The mourning will always go on but we need to celebrate his life,” she said. “We’re trying to breathe some life back into things.”

Friends and family members swarmed the field, donning smiles and bright red and blue memorial shirts for Stuart. They traveled from across the Tri-State area and from Massachusetts to attend, the family said.

“Today represents how much my brother meant to people,” said Larry Meltzer, Stuart’s brother. “There are people on the field that I haven’t seen in such a long time.”

The group was made up of friends Stuart knew in college, high school, junior high school and even elementary school.

“It just shows that ten years later, people don’t forget,” Larry said.

Sam Reef traveled from Massachusetts to honor his late childhood best friend.

“I grew up with him. We went to high school together and lived a mile apart from each other,” Reef said. “We grew up playing wiffle ball in our backyards, so this is appropriate today that we’re playing ball for him.”

For Stuart’s family, the idea to commemorate his memory though a softball game was easy: He was a huge sports fanatic.

“When he was young, he didn’t play with toys. He threw around balls,” said Joyce Meltzer, Stuart’s mother. “I know he’s up there watching,” she said.


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