No. 93: Visit Robbins Lane Community Park

A park that's on our turf.

In a weekly series that aims to shine a spotlight on the attractions exclusive to Syosset, you will see a feature that will do a countdown on Patch every Tuesday called "100 Things to Do in Syosset."

This week's 100 Things to Do is all about enjoying the outdoors at Robbins Lane Community Park and the pristine three and half acres that officially opened in September of 2010.  

If you are heading south on Robbins Lane, just before you approach the railroad tracks turn right and you will see a brand new park directly in front of Located in Syosset, its artificial turf fields belonging to the Jericho Park District, caters to their sporting events such as soccer, lacrosse, and football, but if there isn't a scheduled game going on it's open for all to use for casual recreation. 

The playgrounds are divided into two age groups and completely fenced off to protect the youngsters from running near the parking lot. In the summer months, there is a food concession and a patio equipped with umbrellas and tables to enjoy the ball-park fare. Restrooms are also available.

Jericho organizations that would like to reserve the playing field can contact the Parks Department at 516-797-4127.

Howie March 17, 2011 at 04:49 PM
Well, grew up here and its still home to me. I just wish that it hadn't transformed into such a Snootsville. As for you, if you detest it so much, noone's holdin a gun to your head, so to speak. There's a lot of other Patches to comment on.
Joe March 17, 2011 at 06:19 PM
Howie, I don't detest it but the arrogance annoys me.
Grifhunter March 17, 2011 at 06:29 PM
Howie speaks much truth. Kids sports today in this town is about the quest for the athletic scholarship. Kids only average in baseball? Switch him to lacrosse. Ain't starting in lacrosse? Force him/her to take golf lessons or play hockey. Its insane; watch the loons spend $20, ooo a year in coaches, equipment, travel leagues, trainers, showcase tournements, hotels, gasoline, ect. all to get a scholarship to somewhere like Adelphi. You'd be better off havingyour kid play for fun, study and put the money in a college fund.
Howie March 17, 2011 at 06:57 PM
But then they'd have nothing to boast about in line at the bagel shop.
cammolax23 March 26, 2011 at 02:57 PM
love how this article is sponsored by Sportime, but its promoting Life Time Athletic....


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