Patch Picks: Hand Crafted Coffee Drinks

Instead of a regular cup of joe, some people like more hand crafted drinks - Here are four places and their signature hand crafted coffee.


- Lattes are a shot, or two (or as many as you want for a few cents more) of espresso. They are priced at $2.75-$3.90. You can add a variety of syrups such as cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla, hazelnut, and gingerbread for a little extra . Health conscious? You can order them with nonfat milk or soy milk and sugar free syrup like Vanilla, and Hazelnut.

- Mocha’s are chocolate sauce with espresso and milk. They are about $3.25-$4.40. It comes in regular mocha or white mocha. You can have nonfat milk or soy milk with these; however, the syrups do not come sugar free.

- Frappuccino’s are blended drinks with coffee base, milk (nonfat, soy, or regular milk) and syrup. You can ask for sugar free syrups or have regular syrup. They range from $3.75-$4.85.


- Cappuccino Blast is created with ice cream, and coffee base. The prices range from $4.49-$6.19. It comes in flavors like: original, mocha, turtle, caramel, and Oreo. You can get nonfat ice cream to make it healthier

- Dunkaccino is a blend of coffee and hot chocolate flavors. You can order it with nonfat milk as well as regular milk. It is $1.85-$2.44.

- Hot Chocolate comes either in original milk chocolate, caramel or white chocolate. It can come with nonfat milk and you can ask for whipped cream as well. $1.11-$2.99


-Mocha is blend of espresso and chocolate, topped with whipped cream. It comes in either regular or nonfat milk with or without caramel. The price ranges between $1.99-$3.29. Also comes in iced

- Frappe is a frozen treat that blends espresso, milk, and syrup. However, it only comes in mocha or caramel. Made with regular or nonfat milk. It is $2.29-3.29

- Latte is milk, espresso and syrups like vanilla and caramel and can come nonfat as well. The prices are $1.99-$3.49. Also comes in iced.

- Hot Cocoa is chocolate syrup with milk and whipped cream. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in any other flavors. It’s $1.99-$3.29


- Gabbuccino is fresh frogurt mixed with fresh brewed coffee. It is a cold drink. The price is ranged from $4.25-$5.75.

Check back with us every Thursday at 3 p.m. for more Patch Picks.


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