She’s Syosset’s Great Baker

Corina Elgart doesn’t take the title, but comes away with the loving support of her local fans.

After last night's season finale of TLC’s Next Great Baker, it’s business as usual for

Although her fans felt sad that she didn’t win, Ms. Elgart had a certain sense of relief.

“I am not a high production bakery - Taste is a boutique cake shop and I am totally happy with the outcome,” Elgart said of placing second runner up. 

“We all worked very hard that day,” Elgart said of her fellow finalists during the season finale.  “Although I was exhausted, I enjoyed the camaraderie of baking and creating alongside Dana and Megan. We were pulling an all-nighter, working our buns off, yet it had that this uplifting feeling similar to pledging a sorority."

When you think about the finalists in most of the reality shows they oftentimes come out with the most recognition and success (for example, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry).

So, stay tuned - this may have been just a dress-rehearsal for our local baker.


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