Syosset Looks Back at Hurricane Sandy

A photo retrospective on the superstorm that swept through Long Island one year ago today.

Syosset Patch reader-contributed photo.
Syosset Patch reader-contributed photo.
Superstorm Sandy struck Long Island one year ago today causing massive flooding, widespread power outages, downed trees, property damage and, in some cases, far worse.

Winds of 72 MPH were recorded in Syosset as Sandy touched down. Roads were blocked by large fallen trees that took out power lines, smashed roofs, and left over 11,000 homes without electricity

As crews struggled to remove the trees and unblock roads crucial to emergency personnel, many remained in the dark for weeks on end as temperatures dropped.

School closures persisted as long as roads remained unsafe and Halloween was effectively cancelled. The lingering power outages forced many to seek refuge at local malls, diners, and coffee shops running on generators. Many who had generators of their own were able to keep their homes heated. 

The push to fuel the generators contributed to a temporary gas shortage that saw gas station lines wrapped around the block with both cars and people. 

Despite the chaos from Sandy, voters managed to get out to the polls to vote in the Presidential elections a week later.

Tell us, what was your experience during Sandy? Do you think the Town is prepared for another storm?


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