The Great Escape: Raina's Place

Here's something to do just for moms.

Your teens are at band practice at the high school. Your husband is giving you the night off or your grade-school kids have a two-hour tennis lessons on Wednesday evenings.  Now it’s your time. Take it. 

Each week, we’ll tell you about one great idea to give you a much deserved break,  make your life a little less stressful, and maybe a touch easier for an hour or two.

Have you had the ladies over the house to watch Glee or an Idol finale only to have your kids awaken as everyone cheerfully yells at the TV set?  Or are there always little heads peering over the stair rail distracting you from your book group discussion or game of Mah Jongg?  Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then Patch has the perfect private party place for you and 50 of your closest friends - Raina's Place. 

Located on Woodbury Road one mile north of Woodbury Commons in the Woodbury Junction shopping center, this chic looking spot at the north end of the strip mall can cater to all of your needs.

For only $15 per person during the week you can show up at your reserved time slot and use their karaoke machine, billiards table, Playstation 2 games, or just hang in their living room for some TV, snacks, and soda (which are provided by owner, Raina Hirschhorn and her staff).  If you want to go heavier on the food, you can bring it in. Additionally, they are very accommodating and will order whatever you like from a local restaurant; Sterno and chafing supplies are provided as well as paper goods.

So make sure to check out this cool establishment with your mommy's night out clan especially if you want to stay away from the typical loud bar scene. 

Parties on the weekend are priced differently so call 516-224-4566 for more information.

Location: 102 Woodbury Road, Woodbury. 

Rebecca December 15, 2011 at 05:09 PM
Carpet is dirty, not a place I would let my kids run around. This place is trying to put a party place in a strip mall and it just doesnt work. Look for a kids party, search somewhere else.
Shirley January 03, 2012 at 03:55 AM
I have had many parties for myself and 3 of my children and Raina's Place was without question, the best. Raina was extremely helpful when it came to the party planning and the party ran smoothly as expected. It was so much fun, I needed to extend the party because nobody wanted to leave. I certainly recommend Raina's Place to anybody looking to have a party. Three of my friends have booked parties as a result. Her place is absolutely beautiful and she keeps it impeccable. Beautiful couches, flat screen TV, pool table, great atmosphere. P.S. - Unbelievable Website!!


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