Where to Buy Easter Lillies in Syosset

The Easter Lily is the ultimate floral marker of the Easter season.

Next to chocolate bunnies and paint-speckled eggs, the Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum) has become the traditional iconic plant of the Easter season, gracing several churches and homes at the end of April.

With its large blossoming trumpet-shaped white flowers and typical Lily fragrance, the Easter Lily can add the right touch to any Easter celebration. 

Symbolizing purity and innocence, the perennial bulb plant is specifically bred for Easter, which means that its lifespan in flower shops is short. The Easter Lily is only around for about two weeks at the very end of April to the very beginning of May. But if planted in the ground, the flower will bloom again in mid-August.

And caring for an Easter Lily plant is simple. The plant, which typically consists of four to nine flowers on a stem, just needs to be watered every three to four days and be kept in moderate temperatures around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The Easter Lily will flourish normally under a wide range of light conditions.

Also, to extend your Easter Lily’s lifespan, remove the yellow anthers, or pollen buds, from the center of the plant. This can also prevent staining of the white petals.  

Although other popular Easter flowers include tulips and daffodils, the Easter Lily remains a fan-favorite for its captivating pure white color and symbolic nature. When choosing a plant, make sure you purchase one that still has tight bulbs to ensure a longer lifespan at home.

Here is where you can buy them in Syosset:

45 Cold Spring Road, Syosset
(516) 682-8009

At Ace Florist, $40 will get you a large and beautifully decorated basket with two plants for a total of 16 flowers.

Scarsella’s Florist

1702 New York 25A, Syosset
(516) 692-6222

Depending on the size and number of stems you’d like, an Easter Lily plant here can cost from $30 to $45.

De Benedittis Garden Gate Florist & Nursery

250 Jackson Avenue, Syosset
(516) 364-5522

De Benedittis offers two sizes for two prices. For a smaller 10-inch plant, $16.99 will buy you seven flowers in total. But for $49.95, you can get three 30-inch plants with 21 flowers in total.


397 Jericho Tpke, Syosset
(516) 921-9200

In-store, you can buy a 10-inch plant for $19.99. On average, there are about four flowers per plant.

55 Cold Spring Road, Syosset               (516) 921-5910

At CVS Pharmacy, 10-inch Easter Lily plants cost $7.99 with about seven flowers per plant. But although it is the cheapest on the list, you risk not getting professionally grown and cared for flowers. Also, instead of a decorated basket with ribbons, CVS Pharmacy’s Easter Lillies come in colored aluminum foil.


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