35 Things Your Teens Won't Tell You, So I Will

Author Ellen Pober Rittberg speaks about parenting and her book at Syosset Public Library.

Raising three teenagers is challenging - just ask Ellen Pober Rittberg.

As author of 35 Things Your Teens Won't Tell You So I Will, Rittberg is well knowledged on the topic of addressing teen issues. While discussing her book and parenting at the Syosset Public Library recently, Rittberg tackled subject matters such as drugs, alcohol, lying, following house rules and becoming familiar with your children's friends.

While interacting with the audience, she questioned parents about their children's behavior and offered suggestions to make living under the same roof more bearable for both sides.

According to Rittberg, a parent can survive the teenage years with their sanity intact. Rittberg shared this insight about parenting:

- The aim of a teenager is to lead a secret life and as a parent, you must penetrate the secrets. 
- Never encourage relations with the opposite sex; primary means of self esteem should not be based on a boyfriend or girlfriend. 
- If you don't demand respect from your teenager, they will steam roll all over you.
- If your child friend's you on Facebook, say yes because you want to know what is going on in their lives.

A compact sized book, 35 Things Your Teens Won't Tell You So I Will is an easy, lighthearted read with parenting tools that will guide a parent in the right direction dealing with the most difficult years of raising their kids.

Experiencing an aha moment, Rittberg was inspired to write her book while at her son's graduation ceremony.

"I was at my oldest son's graduation and the school was giving out awards," said Rittberg. "It looked like everyone at that ceremony got an award but my son and his best friend. I felt like a failure because we all want our kids to excel academically. It made me think about myself as a parent."

Audience member Donna Jaroslawski of Syosset is a parent of three boys and could relate to Rittberg's words.

"Her experiences are a lot like mine," she said. "It was good to hear someone else's story. I want to know more and that's why I bought the book." 

In addition to being an author, Rittberg is a law guardian attorney and award winning former journalist whose essays and features about families and social trends have been featured in the New York Times, Newsday and the Daily News.

She is the winner of the FOLIO award for the Best Public Affairs Show 'The Changing Family,' a live cable television show that she hosted and produced.

For more information about Rittberg's book, visit www.ellenpoberrittberg.com


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