New Library Health Reference Center Opens

The center focuses on providing quality health information.

Individuals interested in receiving personalized research on medical topics have a new health reference center they can visit at the

Located on the third floor, the new health reference center opened Monday, May 16.

Karen Liebman, Director of the Syosset Library, said she couldn’t be happier.

“This is an area we are extremely excited about," Liebman said. "We feel that it is our job to inform the community and having this new health reference center is helping us to do that."

The center’s goal is to provide accurate and easy access to medical books, newsletters, DVD's and databases. According to Liebman, the internet search engine Google is a wonderful source of information when it refers to certain subjects such as shopping but medical research is an entirely different story.

“Google is terrific but when it comes to your health, you want the best and most trusted information available," Liebman said. "With the new health reference center, we are providing that service."

Designed to meet the needs of the public that often visit the library with medical questions, the health reference center was the perfect opportunity to provide access to health and medical information. 

“Individuals come to the library asking questions and want some things clarified," said Susan Santa, Health Reference Librarian. "They often say 'the doctor said this' and I can give them information on that topic and they can take it back to their physician. We are not doctors here but we can help them understand and take the information back to their doctor."

If needed, the librarian will organize personalized packets of information based on the individuals needs. 

“This new center allows me the opportunity to sit one on one with a person with a collection of the most reliable information," Santa said. "There is no medical jargon here, these are very trusted sources."

Providing a large variety of medical publications, the center will keep the community up to date on health topics.

“We have the most current medical books, newsletters and DVD's,"said Lisa Caputo, Assistant Director. "We took a lot of time researching these medical books and DVD's. A lot of thought went into this project so we can help people in the best way possible."

Beyond excited, the staff is willing and ready to service the Syosset community with their health related questions.

“I am so excited to finally offer this to people," Santa said. "We are ready for them to visit so we can help them."

For more information, call the Syosset Public Library at 516 921-7161 or visit www.syossetlibrary.org.


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