Snow Can Be Fun, Too

Kids and parents tried to have fun with the snow this week at Syosset-Woodbury Community Park.

There wasn't a single parking spot to be found at the Tuesday afternoon.

Ice skating wasn't the popular sport - day two after , children swarmed the park's giant hills for some sledding fun. 

Children were able to try out their new snow gear, sleds and snowboards on four different hills scattered around the park. Kids in brightly-colored snowsuits climbed the steep mounds of snow left by Sunday's storm, while others built snow forts or had a snowball fight.

Even infants were present to watch their older siblings and parents enjoy the rush of sledding. The younger children enjoyed a shorter straight slope, while the older children and parents created a longer bumpy path for their sleds to travel.

Sound like fun? Next time Long Island gets hit with a snow storm, be sure to take the kids to this prime winter fun location.


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