Local Businesses Report Colossal Losses After Four-Day Power Outage

Business owners on Jericho Turnpike said they lost thousands of dollars after the four-day power outage kept them closed.

Businesses down Jericho Turnpike were up and running this morning after power was restored sporadically yesterday, but the significant amount of losses they report in both food and revenue are daunting.

Favorite food hot-spots like Shake Cups and Gabby's Deli suffered close to $40,000 in total food and revenue losses, said owner Larry Weinberger.

"We lost everything. We lost all of our food, and we also had to go through an extensive sanitizing process to clean the whole store," he said.

Power was out for both stores as of late Saturday night. It was not restored until late-afternoon yesterday.

"You get through these things," he said. "But we're back in business now. That's what counts."

As for the neighboring restaurant , owner Joe Berardino said he threw away about $7,000 worth of food. He estimates losing close to the same amount in revenue.

"You just keep on going. It's hard, but everybody is picking up and getting back on their feet," he said.

Inn Between Restaurant lost power late Saturday night and power was restored in phases yesterday, Berardino said. The first sector of the restaurant regained power in the morning. The restaurant was not fully powered until around 5 p.m. 

All three businesses reopened this morning during regular hours. Besides minimal damages like fallen trees in the parking lot, no other damages were reported.

"It's wonderful that [Gabby's] is back in business," said regular customer Steve Sarowitz of Huntington. "Hopefully the neighborhoods will be back in business too."

Papa Tom September 02, 2011 at 01:20 AM
Really sorry to see so many local businesses losing $$ at a time like this. On a brighter note, some of the local restaurants that retained power after the storm appeared to be raking in more business than they could handle, as folks like myself ate out every night we were without power.
larry September 03, 2011 at 12:32 PM
i feel so sorry for the folks that are still without power,during the first 3 days after the storm,I was sympathetic to National Grid"s challenge to restore power to all residents and buisnesses and i waited patiently to be restored both at home and buisness,,which i recieved power back on Wed afternoon..but at this stage 6 full days later,Ive lost that approach and am dissapointed that its taken this long for the remaining people still suffering being without power or displaced from theyre home ,like the folks in Merrick.Its been long enough and this should be a wake up call if G-d forbid a worse event occurs.


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