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No Power to Thousands as New Storm Approaches

More than 30,000 customers remain without power in the Town of Oyster Bay alone Tuesday as new shelters open.

As a nor'easter packing high winds bears down on Long Island, more than 30,000 customers remain without power in the Town of Oyster Bay alone.

The Long Island Power Authority reports that about 114,000 customers in Nassau remain without power as of 7 p.m. Tuesday. The storm is scheduled to hit sometime late Wednesday, packing high winds and potential coastal flooding, and continue through Thursday.

The Oyster Bay communities hardest hit by the outages remain Plainview (3,200 customers) and the three Massapequas, (5,200) but outages continue throughout the town. There are 1,700 outages in Syosset, 750 in Old Bethpage, 1,000 in Farmingdale, and about 1,200 in the Oyster Bay area. There are nearly 4,000 outages remaining in the Glen Cove area.

Frustrated residents, cold and fearful in their darkened homes, are demanding answers from the utility, but say they're not getting any:

"We have this nor'easter coming...," wrote Anthony J. DeRiggi of Plainview, who called LIPA for an update. "The woman from LIPA 'educated' me by saying 'obviously they can't work during a storm.' Wow! No kidding? Have they been working at all? Not for Plainview."

"Temperature in the house (is) down to 51 degrees," said Vikas Bhambri. "No LIPA trucks in sight."

The frustration is mounting:

"Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now!" said Jodi Keller Campagna, who saw four LIPA trucks on her block last night.

"They restored power to about 10 houses, leaving the rest in the dark, then left at 8:30." she wrote on our Facebook page. "They have not returned since. The crews were from Texas, and told us that they were getting absolutely no direction from LIPA."

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Phone calls and a detailed email containing questions from readers to LIPA were not answered on Tuesday. LIPA says it still expects to have 90 percent of its customers back on line by Wednesday. It has made no public statement about the pending nor'easter on its website, which continues to report significant progress in the restoration effort.

Previously, LIPA said it could offer no specifics about when any particular area will have power restored.

As the new storm closes in Nassau County has decided to open three new shelters in the area beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday. They are:

  • Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School – 121 Central Park Road, Plainview
  • Farmingdale High School – 150 Lincoln Street
  • Glen Cove High School – 150 Dosoris Lane
  • North Shore Temple - 83 Muttontown Road, Syosset

This is a breaking story. Patch will update it and provide updates from LIPA when they respond.

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Stacy November 08, 2012 at 04:25 AM
That is insane. Newsday wrote a story about it in July.
Nancy November 08, 2012 at 05:32 AM
I can't really complain since I do have power. But most of my neighborhood has been without for 10 days now. We do have a large tree down that is being held up by power lines in our backyard. It was reported to LIPA last Monday. There are families here with infant children and elderly persons. This is a disgrace. The Town Of Oyster Bay had their crew here clearing downed trees and cleaning up. They did a fantastic job and really worked hard and well together. I haven't seen one LIPA truck yet. How do the executives of LIPA end up going out with such large GOLDEN HANDSHAKES? Is this were all our hard earned money is going??
Glenn725 November 08, 2012 at 05:50 AM
My mom lives in Bethpage, with a Plainview Post Office zipcode. She is 87 yrs old and has no power since Hurricane Sandy started. Now she is living in my house . We have power, but she does not. I have this mother, sister in law thing going. I go by her house and the houses on the corner have power , but there are blocks with no power. There is no real customer service whereby LIPA can report to the customers. True, Hurricane Sandy was rough. Now we have a North-easter ro deal with. I would suggest if this is what we have to deal with in the future, then we all have to organize and get a full reporting as to the failures and how LIPA plans to deal with disasters like this in the future.
John Thomas November 08, 2012 at 03:14 PM
The comments here generally covers most of the issues. With three small kids and no power since "Sandy Night", the only positive I feel is the resiliency of our community in Plainview. I really hope that we can make some positive use of thios rare commodity that our community has. I hope that when we look at the sufferings of our kids, our elderly and our families we can use that same resiliency in us to do something so that these sufferings don't go to waste. As a community we must get a detailed account and detail of the time and cost for fixing our area. We must be provided answers as to why our area was overlooked for so long and what kind of plans did LIPA had for the storm and why were they so off? After LIPA who among Town, County, State and Federal should have had accountability as to making sure that a good plan was in place, after all we had Irene last year. If we are to accept a monopoly to run our Utilities, we must have elected officials who oversee licensing requirements accountable along with claw back options from noit just upper management, but also those employees who are padding up OT during crisis like this. In areas that we do not have gas lines, state and Fed should step up and make gas lines coverage to all, at least everyone would have hot water and cooking ability. John Thomas, Plainview
Nancy November 09, 2012 at 04:23 AM
It almost seems like a big waste of time to report any problems to LIPA. And to expect any feedback from them is even a bigger joke. Today I saw my first LIPA truck, since Sandy began. Lots of TOB trucks and out of town ones. Even had my street plowed last night by TOB. LIPA s--ks!


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