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Plainview Artisan Talks Crafts

'I’m envious of people who can do it full time,' Evan Goldstein says about creating pottery.

Evan Goldstein. Credit: Adina Genn
Evan Goldstein. Credit: Adina Genn

Evan Goldstein of Plainview says he began making pottery 22 years ago, when he took a continuing education course at Hofstra University. Shortly after, Goldstein, who now works as a computer administrator and database designer for a Port Washington company, began selling his wares at craft shows. Goldstein now creates pottery out of his home studio. Even though he learned so much working along his instructors and fellow students at Hofstra, Goldstein likes the control he has on his process by working solo. “At home, if something goes wrong, I have only myself to blame,” Goldstein pointed out. Recently, Goldstein launched a website  and a Facebook page for his company Evan Goldstein Pottery, allowing him to sell his wares outside of the craft-fair season. Patch caught up with Goldstein to learn more.

Gearing up for craft shows: Goldstein likes to prepare about 50 pieces – including serving bowls, platters, planters and vases – to bring on display so that buyers have a choice of items from which to select. Generally his pieces are priced between $20 and $40.

Time at the wheel: While Goldstein would prefer to work on his craft at least once a week, that’s not always the case when his day job in computer administration and other responsibilities can take precedence over the potter's wheel.

Perks of knowing computers and design: Having studied graphic design at SUNY Purchase, Goldstein says he was able to set up his company’s logo and photography for his website. 

Biggest challenges:  For Goldstein, his biggest challenge is finding enough studio time. “It’s like playing piano,” Goldstein says. “The more you practice, the more you live up to your potential.” Similarly, Goldstein points out, time away from the studio can affect your craft. “It takes time to get back into it. I’m envious of people who can do it full time.”

Point of pride: Goldstein says his best moments in the studio are when his finished pieces match “the vision in my head.”

Look for Evan Goldstein Pottery online at Egpottery.com.


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