Readers' Choice Double Winner: St. Patrick's Day and Chicken Wings

Syosset howls twice for this Syosset bar's wings and celebrations.

Syosset has voted overwhelmingly for where they like to wolf down (pun intended) and .

Congratulations to

"We're rockin' and rollin' here," said Black Wolf's manager Steve Sohmer. "The place is really dynamite…Our food is upgraded, the place is gorgeous, we have a great bar..."

In honor of the Irish, The Black Wolf will be serving the old fashioned meals your grandmother made. A special meal of corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes and soda bread is only $10. Try their new burger menu too, or if .

Their usual beer menu will be available for all, including the St. Patrick's Day staple of Guinness for $6 and Magners cider for $5.

For the brave groups or very thirsty individuals, The Black Wolf offers beer towers from $23 to $28.

So whether you want corned beef or insanely hot wings, a pint or a tower, Syosset says The Black Wolf is the place to go.


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