Syosset Biz Q&A: Jonas Chiropractic

Between boa constrictors and railroad traffic, it's never a dull moment at the chiropractor.

Every week, Patch will be knocking on the doors of local businesses and asking five quick questions about the area, their business, and life in Syosset.

This week, Dr. Steve Jonas gives us an inside look at on Jackson Avenue.

1. What sets Jonas Chiropractic apart from other chiropractors in the area?

We practice a lot of soft tissue techniques. One of the techniques we use is called active release technique (ART). There are 500 different protocols and we can care for areas that weren't previously cared for by chiropractors. So we care for shin splints, ligament problems, hamstring problems, shoulder problems by identifying particular muscle under stress, be able to release it of scar tissue and it allows us to treat areas not typically treated by chiropractors.

2. What made you choose to open a practice in Syosset?

I've lived in Woodbury for over 30 years… I'm very familiar with the surrounding areas and I know a lot of people here. I like it here!

3. What do you think is the biggest issue businesses face on Jackson Avenue?

Well, traffic flow is always an issue. I grew up on the south shore where the Babylon line is all elevated. With the railroad unfortunately… everything gets jammed up at this corner between Split Rock, Berry Hill and Jackson. From what i understand, these roads were former horse paths!…It's also a pass through. A lot of people that go to north shore pass through here.

4. What would you like to happen to Syosset in the future?

I'd love to see a downtown revitalization. I had a practice down in Bellmore and they had a town revitalization. Same with Merrick. We could sorely use it. It would make the town a warm place people want to come visit. This particular string of storefronts did a really good job…it has a distinct personality.

5. Who was the most interesting patient you ever had?

I've taken care of a lot of crazy athletes that want to get back to what they do very quickly, like ultra marathon runners. But I used to care for a lot of the New York Jets and one, who I can't name, use to come in with a boa constrictor. Imagine, he just drove around with a boa constrictor in his car! So it was pretty crazy having a boa constrictor in the room while I was treating him. He was eccentric.

Contact for more information on the practice.


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