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Syosset's Tao Renamed 'Dao'

Syosset restaurant that replaced Empire Szechuan reportedly changes name.

Syosset's new Tao restaurant has changed its name to Dao for unconfirmed reasons, according to Explore LI.

Several theories have emerged on why the restaurant, which opened last year, has changed their name so quickly after opening.

According to Explore LI:

One is that they had to switch the name because Tao is taken by another restaurant. Another: New management…But a third story is that the kitchen will be overhauled in July.

The change may just be skin deep, as the menu is reportedly unchanged.

Tao officially replaced Empire Szechuan in July 2012.

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Papa Tom March 14, 2013 at 02:39 AM
OK, Heather. I love ya, but this is getting silly now. Despite relentless poking from all of us readers, Patch continues to list restaurants that have been out of business for ages. At this very moment, you've got an article about "Tao" changing its name to "Dao," and just below, you've got a listing and a review for "Empire Szechuan," which, as of the latest name change, is now TWO restaurants dead and buried!
Heather Doyle (Editor) March 14, 2013 at 06:10 AM
haha thanks, Tom. Sometimes the technology doesn't always work. Empire is now listed as closed on our site.
Papa Tom March 15, 2013 at 08:49 PM
>>>>Empire is now listed as closed on our site.<<<< A bunch of us have made a game out of marking all the closed restaurants in the "Comments" section beneath them. If you want a full list, I'd gladly try to provide one. The point is just that struggling local restaurants are losing a lot of free Patch publicity to restaurants that went out of business years ago. Anyway, Tao didn't seem to be doing so well, and I think it was the cold, bare-wall atmosphere. I hope they've changed more than just the name.


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