Tell Us: Digital LIRR Tickets

Would they cut down on your commute?

Commuters may soon be able to purchase their tickets with a few taps on their smartphones as LIRR officials announced they are considering digital ticketing.

A company is reportedly being sought to put the plan in motion, for MTA and Metro-North customers. A contract will hopefully be awarded in June with digital tickets available in the fall. Read the full story here.

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After Thursday's blackouts affected machines, Syosset LIRR commuters had to make the choice between buying a more expensive ticket on the train or head to nearby stations to get their tickets from a machine. In this case, the system would likely have been appreciated by commuters.

Are digital LIRR tickets a good idea? Are there any drawbacks to digital ticketing or is it a step in the right direction?

Tell us in the comments!

Papa Tom February 06, 2013 at 11:52 PM
The LIRR had been advertising "Online Ticketing" for quite some time when I first decided to try it, the night before I needed to get to the AirTrain at Jamaica for an early morning flight. After going through a lengthy procedure to purchase my ticket, I learned that it would take several days for the ticket to be MAILED to me. Yes, that's right, via USPS! Obviously, the LIRR had a different idea of what "Online Ticketing" means than I do. I think this time, though, they are finally caught up with the rest of the world. Being able to purchase AND PRINT a ticket online would save a little bit of hassle, in that I won't have to drive to the train station ahead of time and park in one of the Dunkin' Donuts spots to use the machine. Living on the south side of the tracks, this can be a hassle, as you usually get stuck WAITING for a train while you're on your way to buy a train ticket. It would also save having to walk all the way to the west end of the station (where the ticket booth is) from the overpass near the firehouse. So, yes...I think it's a great idea!


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