Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

Syosset audiologist Dr. Lisa Predmore thrives on the strong sense of family and community she feels living and practicing where she grew up.

After attending Penn State, then working as an audiologist in a New Jersey hospital, Dr. Lisa C. Predmore, AuD., PC returned to her native Syosset and went into practice for herself.

That decision has given her the opportunity to immerse herself as a parent in the same community she enjoyed as a child.  

Predmore knew early on she wanted a career where she could help people. “I was thinking of being a special education teacher at one point,” Predmore said. “Then I was a deaf education major as an undergrad and I switched to audiology for my masters and my doctorate.”

“It was kind of an evolution,” she said. “But I decided on audiology so I’d be able to help a greater variety of people instead of a specific population.”

And variety she has seen. Dr. Predmore treats the smallest children all the way through the elderly.

“My oldest patient is 106 - this is a lady who got her first hearing aid at over 100,” she pointed out. “But we don’t just do hearing aids, we do auditory processing and regular hearing tests and a variety of other things.”

Besides in-office appointments, Dr. Predmore works with patients in 43 different nursing homes.

“I go to many different places, but I’m always in either in Manhasset or Syosset at least part of the day,” she noted, referencing her practice at 1165 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset and her satellite location at 140 Jackson Avenue.

But wherever Predmore is, she loves making a difference. She tells of one recent patient, a six-year-old boy with a host of issues, where it wasn’t known if he could hear at all. Three days after Dr. Predmore fitted him with hearing aids, he said his first clear word.

“The teachers were so excited they called his mom, and I even got a call,” she said enthusiastically. “Things like that you love, seeing a child start to show what he can do.”

In her Syosset office, she has the added pleasure of occasionally ‘walking down memory lane’ with patients.

“I see parents that I know from when I was younger," she said. "They’ll take out family pictures and ask ‘Which of my kids do you know?’, and I’ll point and say ‘I went to school with this one... and my sister went to school with this one.”

Trips to school with her own children, an eight-year-old son and four-year-old daughter, present similar opportunities. “I went to Berry Hill, to and to , and now my son goes to Berry Hill, too. A lot of us that came back to the area have kids in the school and we see each other there.”

In addition to being 1st vice president of the and active in the PTA, Predmore is manager of her son’s baseball team and looks forward to doing the same for her daughter.

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Mary Ellen Walsh January 18, 2011 at 06:30 PM
I remember Lisa. I went to High School with her. Great to see her doing so well and wonderful she's back home.....


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