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The Syosset Business Alliance is everything that your local associations and organizations are not.  Our only focus is to help the local business communities grow and not to look for endorsements or be in the political spotlight.  We understand that your business needs the additional help and opportunities to reach new customers and gain quality leads.  While we are backed by one of the largest marketing and networking companies on Long Island, the need to help increase business is all in one place. 

We can build a better business community together.

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Papa Tom January 26, 2014 at 07:54 AM
Good luck, SBL. I sincerely hope you are able to accomplish your goals and start filling empty storefronts in Syosset. However, do you think that talking smack about the other business association in town is a good way to get started?
Papa Tom January 26, 2014 at 10:12 AM
Bill: Thanks for your private message. Unfortunately, as much of a "techie" as I am, I cannot figure out how to respond other than via this forum. First, let me say that I personally know many of the people who have joined your organization and they are among my favorite people in the local business community. My main concern is that everything these days, from reporting the news to announcing the formation of a new organization, seems to be done in a sensational, confrontational manner that is not productive in any setting -- least of all, our troubled little village. I understand that many people have abandoned the Syosset Chamber of Commerce for one reason or another and that some feel it has become too "political." Like it or not, the SBA will eventually run this natural course, as well. My disappointment is that you seem to already be clamoring for top dog position by putting the "other guy" down in the very first sentence of your mission statement above. If you're so averse to "endorsements" and being in the "political spotlight," then how come the second Google hit for the Syosset Business Alliance is an article and photo op celebrating SBA's meeting with Legislator Jacobs, who, by the way, was a major player in the formation of the Syosset Chamber of Commerce? Please do not take this as a criticism of your admirable initiative. I have been a cheerleader for Syosset's recovery for many, many years and I will support any sincere, productive projects the SBA chooses to pursue. I only hope this is not the beginning of a mud-slinging contest between you and the Syosset Chamber.


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