Castro Valley's Moon Shot

David Ashton begins a campaign to get Huell Howser to spotlight Castro Valley on California's Gold.

Castro Valley needs a space race; we need our moon shot.

We need a bonfire we can stand about and shake our spears at.

Castro Valley needs something to unite all of the disparate factions and areas, we need something to rally behind. I have found the locus where all things Castro Valley shall converge.

Let me stop here for a moment and say I know I’m usually all jokey jokey, but this is real. I’m not playing a game, I’m not putting anyone on, my wording may be bombastic, but I type with passion not sarcasm. This is a real goal and I am asking, nay, I am imploring you for your help.

The answer is Huell Howser.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Howser, you are missing out, he is the host of a little program on PBS called California’s Gold. The concept of the show is simple. Huell travels around our state finding little nuggets of awesome. He is also possibly the most unintentionally amazing person on television. He is funny, introspective and dare I say magnetic; you can’t take your eyes off of him and his exuberance is contagious. I don’t know how many episodes of the program I have watched, but trust me, I have seen Huell make a menudo factory interesting. Just think what he could do with a great town like Castro Valley. 

And let’s be honest, not only could this showcase Castro Valley, this could also fulfill a serious bucket list item I’ve had for years, by facilitating my meeting Huell.

Castro Valley needs to be a little nugget of awesome. 

A few days ago on CVLegends I asked for suggestions as to where we would take an outsider to show off our community, the answers were varied, but several themes were repeated. Following you will find samples of several responses.

“Lake Chabot, the rodeo, Loards & Vals.” -Pam Rottner

“For the place, I would take them for a walk around Lake Chabot. For the community event, I would take them to the Rowell Ranch Rodeo. For my restaurant, I would have to turn back time and take them to Gaslight Pizza.” -Andrea Pederson

“Place(s):Anthony Chabot Park off Redwood. Skyline at sunset with a view of the bay.Lake Chabot, canoeing.Earl Warren Dog Park, to run the mutt. Community Event:

Rodeo Experience. Chile Cook-off, Parade, Mixers and the Rodeo itself. Restaurants:

Val's for the food, Don Jose's for Dinner and Drinks.Maybe a stop for breakfast at JD's, Doug's or Dell's. After that, send them on their way with memories of the "Lighter Side" of CV.” -Edward Stegall

“The place would have to be Lake Chabot. Community event, probably the rodeo. Food would be Val's, or maybe Pyzano's (not for the food, for the pizza tossing.)” -CVLegends (yeah, I quoted myself.)

So there is the goal, very simply, now we need to make it happen. First I would like to get the word out, starting here, you can “Like” the freshly minted, “Bring Huell Howser to Castro Valley” page on Facebook. I think we need the support of the community and local journalism: Patch, The Castro Valley Forum, The Daily Review. Let’s get the word out and make something positive happen. I would also like further spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and to the one person actually using Google+. 

Secondly, we need to start contacting California’s Gold. I think an email campaign should work. I would recommend short, simple letters to the program or you could simply copy and paste the following:

Dear California’s Gold,

Castro Valley is a great community that you should definitely spotlight on your television program. We have one of the oldest rodeos in the state held here each May, the Rowell Ranch Rodeo. We are home to the beautiful and historical Lake Chabot, which was constructed with the help of Chinese labor and Wild Mustangs. And finally we are home to the hamburger restaurant that is consistently voted one of the best in California, Val’s Burgers (which is actually right outside our border, but we won’t quibble), as well as home to Pyzano’s Pizzeria, owned by the world champion pizza thrower. Thank you for your consideration.

You can send these emails to: huell@calgold.com

Finally, I need your ideas. I’m not that smart, but I am enthusiastic. I need the smart people who know how to make things happen help me make this happen. You can contact me at www.facebook.com/CVLegends

Thank you in advance. Not only is this a moon shot for Castro Valley, it is a white whale for me.

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Thomas Clarke August 12, 2011 at 03:17 AM
Great Idea. The history of the name, our history before and after the coming of Fremont. Culinary developments from the start with eggs and pigs. Our support to the WW2 effort on the home front. The development of EBMUD and the EBRPD. Our wonderful gem society, traditions of animal husbandry as well as the Rodeo and controversies of the Rowells as well as the aftermath. Cultural developments and success as well as cruising and Rachel Maddow. What a great idea.
David Ashton August 12, 2011 at 12:49 PM
New vanity URL for the fansite, www.facebook.com/BringHuelltoCV
Greg Ottria August 14, 2011 at 04:14 PM
Loards? Don Jose? Really? Sad CV doesn't have any other "quality" restaurants to make them stand out. Vals is famous and the Ice Creamery but we go out of CV for quality food. Pyzano's was good in it's day but I think one of the brothers left and now the place looks run down and quality is spotty. Don Jose, well, I think the taco truck off High St is better. Jenny's Cafe? WTH are you people smoking? Why not take'em to the Chinese fast food next to the liquor store. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but the only "good" places to eat around here are Doug's, Ice Creamery, Val's, Top Thia.... I think that's it.
maureen Newey August 18, 2011 at 06:18 PM
Sorry, but Val's is Hayward, not Castro Valley
David Ashton August 18, 2011 at 06:41 PM
Val's is definitely Hayward, I jokingly acknowledged that in the article, however if there are families living in CV forced into Hayward schools due to some weird boundary issue, Castro Valley can certainly annex one restaurant.


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