Frosty Flags Down LIPA

Syosset Groves makes use of the snow.

As LIPA continues to get phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter messages from residents who have spent 11 days without power, one neighborhood has enlisted the help of a snowman to get the word to crews.

This photo, posted on the Syosset Patch Facebook wall by Jim Burdge, shows what Syosset Groves has done to flag down the crews.

"Help! No power for 10 days!" wrote Burdge along with the photo.

This may be the secret weapon in getting power restored, as Burdge later commented, "LIPA contracted crews from Canada & elsewhere showed up in th neighborhood shortly after I posted this pic, and power was restored within four hours."

Jim Burdge November 09, 2012 at 05:10 PM
LIPA is recovering from Sandy and Athena to the best of its abilities. The issue with these events is purely allocation of manpower vs outages. Once tree trim & linemen were assigned after 7 days it only took them a little over a day to clear the trees and 4 hours to fix the lines on the three primaries that feed our part of the Groves. But right up the block there is still devastation. The real issue is not only to properly plan for future events, but to come up with a plan to fix the system (out of state workers repairing N. Syosset called it a "mess held together by spit and bubble gum") and convert it in increments to underground. The TOB is doing that now with curb, aprons, and repaving, as with the several blocks they did in Syosset Groves this summer, and the electric could have been be relocated in the streets at the same time. Gov. Cuomo says he wants to invest in infrastructure improvements (see http://observer.com/2012/11/governor-cuomo-wants-big-infrastructure-investments-to-protect-against-future-disasters/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=t.co), so now is the time for LIPA to work with him to get it done. LIPA says converting to underground is a 30 year process (see http://www.lipower.org/stormcenter/faq.html#4), but it could be much less with Governor Cuomo pushing for it, and involving public-private partnerships which the Governor supports. But it has to be pursued, as if it was started 10 years ago even with LIPA's timeline we'd be a third of the way there.


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