Question of the Day: Cablevision or FiOS?

Which service do you use?

When it comes to providing your Internet, phone and television, which company is better? Is Cablevision tops? Do you get more for your money with FiOS?

And now that most people have power back, how has your service been working of recent?

Tell us in the comments.

Mark Wilson September 04, 2011 at 03:31 PM
I SURRENDERED to the CABLEVISION monopoly. Why ? Because, thanks to the Town of Brookhaven, I have no choice as to what cable service is available in my immediate locality, in the Town of Brookhaven. ANOTHER great reason to live in the United Socialists Republic of Brookhaven ! HAIL Comrade Lesko and Comrade Bonner ! NOTE: The technical reason going around, allegedly, has to do about Verizon not finding it economically feasible to hook up my section of Brookhaven or other sections of Brookhaven, But we ALL KNOW the real reason... Cablevision "bought and paid OFF" the Town of Brookhaven with it's Channel 18 location, and who knows WHAT other "perks" to the District Representatives who promised to keep Verizon out on District by District basis, as opposed to offering Verizon to ALL of Brookhaven. And it's NOT that I LOVE Verizon...it's internet data transfer rate is sucky. it's phone service is sucky ! IT'S ABOUT CHOICE ! ONE THING these heathen Democrat Progressives AND RINO's don't want you to have is Choice. If you did, you would have woken up and summarily, kick them all down that long drive down Independence Hill, a long time ago !
Brenda Wendelken September 05, 2011 at 02:31 PM
Verizon is my choice for several reasons. I had been a subscriber for years but the bills were getting uncomfortably high. So when a Cablevision salesman stopped by one day, and offered me such a low priced package with all I wanted at a lower price, I took it. A thirty-day free trial, no commitment. At first it was fine; I had HBO which I hadn't had with Verizon. Plus some other channels. Also PIP but I never used it. After two weeks I was going crazy because anything I DVR's didn't record. No matter how I worked it, I couldn't get them to play, or sometiimes record. Also, the channel numbers were all different, I had to always check the listings to see where I wanted to go. Not automatically press the keypad and go. I finally decided to give in and go back to Verizon. To my surprise, I was considered a NEW customer!! Wow! This meant I was offered: Updated multiroom DVR FREE for life!!! Second DVR free for life!! Upgraded internet with faster connection, backup battery, and whole house connectibility. ( with Cable I could use my laptop in any room, something I couldn't do with the old Verizon service) AND I have every movie channel there is (except for Playboy, which I would never watch anyway). I am very satisfied. AND the bill for everything is $20 lower than it was before, even with all the upgrades. For folks who can't get it, don't worry, Verizon is expanding; Soon you will have it.
Virgo25 September 07, 2011 at 06:25 PM
FIOS has the classic channels, so you can introduce the kids to shows like Wonder Years, Family Ties, Partridge Family, etc. Cable didn't offer that. Plus, our FIOS didn't go out in the "hurricane", but many cable customers seem to be saying their TV/phone/internet took a while to get back in gear.
former customer May 05, 2012 at 05:28 PM
FIOS is horrid. Their customer service lies. Their support is ignorant. Their prices (after the come-on offer of course) are sky high. Cablevision is just as bad, naturally. The latest from FIOS? Since April 1st, 'Resume Play' is not available when watching a movie in On Demand. A tech support liar told me yesterday (after a month of other lying tech supports saying it was being worked on) that it would be working last night. Of course it is not. I called again today and the tech support said there won't be a new 'patch' (because FIOS broke what didn't need fixing with their software update) UNTIL AUGUST OF THIS YEAR! Too bad Westchester has only allowed two players in the cable monopoly. Too bad all the politicians allow it.


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