Question of the Day: LIRR Smoking Ban

What do you think of the smoking ban?

Smokers: it's official. You are no longer allowed to smoke on the platform at the Syosset train station. As of today, anyone caught smoking faces a warning followed quickly by a $50 fine.

If you are a smoker, do you think this was a necessary ban? Is it an inconvenience or are you willing to make this compromise?

Non-smokers: are you happy not to be in a cloud of smoke anymore on the platform or did you not mind it in the first place? 

Vote in our poll below and explain your answers in the comments, post your answers on our Facebook wall, or tweet us your answers @SyossetPatch.

Gary November 15, 2011 at 11:05 PM
Those who absolutely can't go 50minutes without a drag should smoke themselves up in the comfort of their own car in the parking lot. There's absolutely no need to punish people who are just trying to go to work by trapping them in your obnoxious cloud of fumes until the M7 pulls into the station. No matter where you stand on the platform, I can't ever seem to escape a selfish nicotine abuser.


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