Syosset Battles the Heat

Residents said that air conditioning, frozen desserts are the key to staying cool.

With temperatures touching 95 the past couple of days, Syosset residents and commuters have found various ways to beat the heat.

Ana Mocete, Owner of In the Mood Gourmet Coffee & Home Made Ice Cream on Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury, was found handing out frozen yogurt to customers late Thursday afternoon.

“During the day it’s been more busy because of the heat,” Mocete said. “But when people should be coming later on, they are staying inside, in the air conditioning.”

Mocete said the ice cream shakes and smoothies have been the hot sellers at the store, as well as sorbet, a summer favorite.

At the , only a handful of golfers were brave enough to hit the links.

John Guinta was just about to head out to play 18 holes around 2 p.m. Thursday, and was armed with a number of cool-down options.

“We’re just drinking lots of water, and hopefully not taking as many shots,” Guinta said.

Guinta, a Fort Lauderdale resident and former resident of Plainview, arrived in New York just a few hours before his golf outing with friends and said he thought it was actually hotter here in New York than in Florida.

He was right. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures in Fort Lauderdale only reached 86 degrees today, while the heat index could have reached upwards of 100 degrees on the golf course.

Unfortunately for those without a pool at home, the pool atwill not be open for a couple of more weeks. A worker at the pool said one reason for this is that all the lifeguards are workers that are still in school, and the chemicals have yet to be put in.

Shake Cups, a new self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream bar that opened a month ago by the owners of Gabby's, has seen business get off to a good start. They attribute part of this to the weather.

“It’s been crazy here, especially at night,” said worker Mandy Weinberger.

Customers grab a cup and choose from 12 different flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt, then head to the topping bar where they can add a variety of home made toppings ranging from cookie dough, gummy bears, to fresh fruits.

Jayne Gresaofi works across the street at and said it was her first time eating there, and it certainly would not be her last.

“I was in an air-conditioned place, but I could spend the rest of the day here,” she said.


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