Syosset Gas Price Update

Lowest gas prices in Syosset-Woodbury for November 22.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, saving money is becoming even more important. Here is a quick look at some of the cheapest gas currently offered in the area to help save you money.

* The station at 200 S. Oyster Bay Road currently offers the cheapest regular gas at $3.139 a gallon.

* The station currently offers the lowest plus grade gas at $3.199 a gallon. They also offer the lowest premium grade at $3.319 a gallon.

*For diesel, fill up at the r at 297 Robbins Lane for just $3.399 a gallon. 

* If you're headed into Plainview, you should fill up at the Citgo station at 797 Old Country Road. They offer the cheapest gas in Plainview in three categories: Regular gas at $3.119, plus at $3.199 and premium at $3.319.

The prices listed here are taken from Motor Trend's website, which bases its information on credit card transactions. Some stations offer cheaper prices for cash-only purchases, and prices are subject to change.


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