Syosset Then and Now: Where Was This Rest Stop?

Can you figure out where and what this Woodbury rest stop was?

Time for some rest-stop trivia, Syosset.

Last week, we stumped readers when we asked readers to guess what year the pictured Syosset football team played. According to Syosset Scrapbook:

The first 9th grade Football Team, 1955
The players attended SHS at Woodbury School.
This picture was taken at the Village School
First Row:  #21 ?, #26 Dennis Cramer, #41 Billy Voight, #43 Tom
McKeefery, #29 ?, #15 Pete Cacciola, #42 Al Cappabianco, #37 Richie Evans
Standing:  #20 Bernie Bontemps, #23 Mike Batza, #25 Billy Scalise,
 #13 Eddie Fox, #31 Jim Peeler, # 22 Wayne Rasmussen, # 14 Phil Glaser, #11 Andre Lalime

This week, we'd like you to tell us about this neighborhood rest stop. We'll tell you it was on a main road near the Syosset-Woodbury border.

Give us your best historical guesses in the comments!

Nina P. Anastasio October 19, 2012 at 11:17 PM
This was on Woodbury Road in Woodbury as you headed east from the old Woodbury hill going towards the Woodbury RR trestle.


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