Tell Us: How to Fix the Treacherous 'Triangle'

This Syosset intersection is dangerous. How can it be fixed?

Businesspeople, residents, and Town officials are brainstorming on how to fix the treacherous "triangle" in Syosset. The main intersection where Jackson Avenue and Underhill Boulevard meet, has been a point of debate and discussion by all who have passed through the area.

At a Residents for a More Beautiful Syosset's Laura Schultz addressed board members:

"I'm asking you to speak with [County Executive] Ed Mangano to arrange for the town to take over the northern part of Jackson Avenue," said Schultz to the board. "It's very dangerous, and it's unregulated."

It is because of the hazardous intersection of Jackson Avenue and Underhill Boulevard, extending north to Cold Spring Road, that Schultz asked the board not to forget about Syosset now that Jackson Avenue is repaired.

"North of the [Syosset LIRR] tracks is a free for all," said Schultz, whose personal experience of driving her child to the train for work allows her to witness the daily rush hour chaos.

What parts of the traffic signaling, signage, and pedestrian pathways could be improved? What parts need to stay? What needs to go?

Tell us in the comments.

Kathi Bart October 17, 2012 at 10:26 PM
The traffic signals must be in sync for anything to work correctly. I also feel a special turning lane into the station area (at Dunkin Donuts) is necessary. Too many people try to beat the North coming traffic and for those not in the know don't pull up far enough. It is a constant problem. We have lived off BerryHill Rd. for 36 years. At the time we were told that the Syosset train tracks were 9th in line to go under or over the crossing gate. What happened? Thanks
Linda L Manning-Koziatek, REALTOR, LSA, CSA October 17, 2012 at 11:44 PM
I agree with Kathi on the turning lane heading south to DD which can back up traffic like crazy...it happens to me all the time. Secondly, with a clear view at the corner of Underhill Blvd and Jackson Ave., a right on red should be allowed EXCEPT when PEDESTRIANS are present - they do make signs like that. Thirdly, maybe, just maybe, instead of Berry Hill Rd heading south getting the green light first & then Split Rock Rd next - maybe it should be reversed Split Rock Rd to go first then Berry Hill Rd. There's more traffic coming from the north from/on Berry Hill Rd. and the corner of Split Rock Rd and Muttontown Rd would be less jammed on that corner...a possibly a survey can be done to see if there would be less tie-ups...just saying....
Brenda Wendelken October 18, 2012 at 02:25 PM
I agree with both the turning lane into the station house plaza (rather than calling it Dunkin' Donuts) and the right turn lane onto Underhill Blvd. But as a resident who has lived ON Berry Hill Road for over 40 years, and has seen the traffic increase (I'm guessing here) 200 % over that time, I would like to see the traffic lights work in sync to keep traffic out of town when there is a train approaching, in, and leaving the station. The way it is now, cars approaching the intersection of Berry Hill, Split Rock and Muttontown Rds. can't tell there is a train causing the tie-ups until they hear the train whistle, or realize that they aren't going to be moving for more than 5 minutes. Perhaps there could be a function added to the traffic lights which would tell drivers that they aren't going anywhere - before they get into the traffic tie up? Like a blinking traffic light that can be seen a distance away, and permit the choice of staying on the road or getting off and using an alternate method of going south - in my case, either going toward Underhill by way of back roads, or going out on Cold Spring Rd. and over the tracks there. I also want to ask what happened to the idea of moving the station down the tracks, or creating an underpass which would solve all these problems.
J- October 18, 2012 at 04:40 PM
One way to solve the problem is to move the station house off the corner further east say at least to the other side of Dunkin Donuts, and the staircase. This would prevent everyone dropping off, everyone getting tickets, every taxi cab and everyone going into Dunkin Donuts from backing up into traffic. They should put the electronic ticket machines on both sides of the tracks. The station house should actually be down by the pedestrian bridge with the electronic machines on both sides.
Ed October 18, 2012 at 06:54 PM
The side walk is too wide at the corner of Jackson and Underhill you could make a much better turning lane to Underhill . The resulting additional width would allow for a turning lane into the train station,the traffic ligth could be made for all stop,except for the turn into the station , and south bound on Jackson and across the tracks
Grifhunter October 18, 2012 at 07:38 PM
There's nothing wrong. Just too many distracted, poorly trained drivers mixing with frustrated, aggressive drivers trying to get somewhere fast. I'm not seeing a lot of accidents.
Rob October 18, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Everything would be solved if they just moved the whole station to Robins Lane
Barry G October 18, 2012 at 11:12 PM
A traffic circle? It would keep the traffic moving when there is no train coming.
Seth Alexanderson October 19, 2012 at 07:01 AM
I have been saying for years that a grade separation should be constructed at the Syosset train station. Great Neck station is a good example of what I mean. You would eliminate much of the traffic this way especially since the gates would no longer remain down the whole time a westbound train pulls into station, as is currently the case. Alternatively, you could reopen the Landia station and build adequate parking and smaller platform gaps being that it is a straighter section of track in that area. Knowing how slowly our local politicians seem to work, I doubt either will happen anytime soon, eg. Parts of Jackson Ave were in need of repaving 20 years ago before finally getting it done this past year.
NH October 19, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Moving the station to Robins Lane/Landia only creates more traffic throughout all of Syosset as the hundreds of people - like myself - who walk to the station would now be forced into driving to the new station. It would also be devastating for a few local businesses who rely on commuters (think Dunkin' Donuts, Bagel Master). What's needed are a few minor road adjustments (removing some sidewalk from Astoria Bank to make enough space to shift existing lanes to create a small 3-4 left turn lane towards the station Dunkin' Donuts area is a good first start), some adjustment into traffic light timing and a general patience of the drivers to not try and force their way through an intersection that is backed up because of a train (install a box and "don't block the box" signs).
l hilden October 20, 2012 at 09:53 PM
First and foremost anyone who states that there should be a legal right turn on red at Underhill and Jackson is so out of touch with the amount of accidents, autos stopping on tracks despite the warning side, etc that occur...maybe its this kind of distorted thinking and lack of facts that impedes progress in the area of safety and good traffic flow. My suggestion to the gals is to buy a scanner at Radio Shack and have it programmed to SFD FOR JUST A WEEK . I have to be concerned when I hear things like "a few minor adjustments and everything will be fine". The town of Syosset is still filled with dangerous intersections even after lights were installed at intersection of syosset- woodbury rd and southwoods and syosset-woodbury rd/ woodbury rd. The latter is still dangerous when making a left since oncoming traffic from Woodbury proceeds on blind curve even after green turning arrow from Syosset traffic turns to full green so you have exactly the same issue that you had before .....Brilliant engineering! We live in an area where people have road rage, feel entitled and race through life with cars as their weapon...maybe they should take a time out (gosh forbid) and actually get together to make sensible solutions! It's nothing less than ludicrous to think that it's not a combination of lack of planning and irresponsible driving !


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