Tell Us: Sandy's Lessons

Will you prepare differently after experiencing Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy delivered unprecedented damage to a region that isn't used to such storms. Cars and homes were damaged when trees or limbs fell. Residents were without power or modes of communication for days that turned into weeks.

A result of the storm's effects, on top of the lasting power outages and fuel crisis, was that many people used to dependency on the grid received a crash course in self-sufficiency. 

Gasoline was transferred between vehicles or from vehicles to generators; non-perishables were survived off of for days and weeks; batteries, candles and other non-outlet-dependent sources of light and power became necessities.

Will you do anything differently to prepare for storms in the future? Tell us in the comments.

Syosset Mrs. November 16, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Im thinking of getting a solar charger. Other then that, will I do anything different? NO. I was prepared (have generator, filled gas tanks, trees around property trimmed, charged everything & extra batteries, couple of good books and had "to go" bag ready with 2 day worth of needs- including dogs stuff,)and I had patience (didn't use gas wondering around to see damage, understood that a lot of folks are in much worse shape, got out and helped neighbors with their needs).


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