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The Patch comment of the week came from , who :

"Oh gosh!!! This brought me way back!!! My parents brought us there all the time. I remember the train and the ducks and how much fun we had. No giant coasters, just parents and kids and animals having a good time. I remember that one of the ducks accidentally bit me on the hand when I was feeding him and my Mother wanted to take me to the hospital. My Dad just dipped his handkerchief in some coke and rubbed the bite and we went on with the day."

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Patch users and uploaded their own photos of the Fams Court fire using the "Upload Photos & Videos" button. Remember, you can upload to any article that has the "Upload" button, or you can !

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Several people spoke out in love and support of the Fams Court family whose house was all but destroyed Tuesday.

  • "God Bless our Firefighters; brave men and women!" -- Maureen Kelly Lauterbach
  • "Thank goodness, I was wondering and hoping everyone, including pets were safe. Sending our prayers to the family…" -- Evie Conforti
  • "So sad." -- Dina Narlis Minucci

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Remember Gene Connor, the Syosset teacher who will for Sunrise Day Camp this summer? Show your support by following him on Twitter @ConnorsArmyXC and by liking his Facebook page!


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