Syosset Fire Department's Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

Here are some tips to make sure you and your family stay safe this holiday season.

Thanksgiving begins the holiday season - a time for family, friends and a lot of food. Whether you are doing most of the cooking or just bringing a side dish it is important to make sure you stay safe in the kitchen. Here are some tips from Ken Johnson, the Educational Safety Officer with the Syosset Fire Department.

  • Wear tight clothing while cooking
  • Keep children out of the kitchen
  • Wear mittens or gloves specified for cooking
  • Make sure pot handles are facing in
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy
  • When you leave the kitchen, bring something (spoon, towel etc) that will remind you to go back to the kitchen
  • Pay 100% attention while cooking
  • Have minimal people in the kitchen
  • In case of fire, call local fire department

In addition to these safety tips, Johnson also recommends to stay away from the turkey deep fryers. The oil can get to 350 degrees or higher and many times people tend to overfill the pot.

When the turkey is finally placed in the heated oil, the excess oil spills out and here is where the real danger lies. The oil can splatter onto whatever the pot is on top of and cause a fire. It can also burn the person cooking.

"I would say right now for people to stay away from them and stick to the old fashion way and throw it in the oven," said Johnson.

When cooking the turkey in the oven, Johnson stressed the importance of not leaving the kitchen for long periods of time.

"Everyone is excited about the holidays and they want to socialize but they should pay very strict attention to whats going on in the kitchen and enjoy their friends and family after the cooking and preparations are done." said Johnson.


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