Statement From the Syosset Board of Education

The board has released a statement in regards to the salary of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carole Hankin.

Dr. Hankin is in her 21st year as Superintendent of the Syosset Central School District. Under her leadership, our District has been nationally recognized for its innovative academic programming, including our K-12 World Language and Nanotechnology curriculum and our exemplary science programming that features the District's Geological and Ecological Research Facility, the only one of its kind on Long Island.

Syosset's arts programming wins top honors. Our students' academic achievements are extraordinary, including Siemens Competition, Intel and National Merit finalists and semi-finalists; and National AP scholars; to name just a few. Our District has earned a reputation as one of the best - not only on Long Island and in the state but across the country. The outstanding programs and services that our students receive and our parents expect are the envy of school districts across the region. 

As a direct result of Dr. Hankin's management skills and oversight of the fiscal policies and practices of our District, Syosset has earned an Aa1 Bond credit rating from Moody's, which saves the District hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Additionally, Syosset's strong financial position - again, attributable to Dr. Hankin's leadership - has resulted in the District receiving a TAN interest rate of less thatn .3 percent - the lowest in over two decades. 

Dr. Hankin has been the driving force behind minimizing our District's administrative costs. Her achievement in this area resulted in the State of New York awarding the District $90,201 in Administrative Efficiency Aid for 2010-2011, in recognition of Syosset's eficient and prudent use of administrative resources. 

Regarding recent media articles, we are not going to legitimize reporting that includes so many inaccuracy's and so much misleading information. Dr. Hankin's compensation package is public record, and it is unfortunate that the media and statements from some elected officials continue to misrepresent the facts and ignore the invaluable contributions Dr. Hankin has made to our District and our community. 

We are proud to represent the Syosset School District and we are most proud and grateful that we have an educational leader and CEO of Dr. Hankin's caliber to lead us, particulary during these tumultuous economic times. While other District's struggle with the prospect of laying off tens or even hundreds of teachers, it is Dr. Hankin's leadership in negotiating a salary freeze with all of our bargaining units that has saved this District from the fate that is awaiting so many district's across the state. 

Dr. Hankin's vision, hard work and dedication have made Syosset a model district, academically and in terms of our financial prudence. She has been a tireless advocate for the students and families of Syosset. The programs that she has pioneered in our District have made Syosset what it is today - the very best. 

The Board of Education fully support Dr. Hankin. We believe her compensation is commensurate with her value to our District, and is consistent with compensation for superintendents of the top-performing districts on Long Island.

valerie April 15, 2011 at 05:51 PM
I worked for syosset for 12 years.Talk about wasting money.Andy the head custodian is playing on his computor half the day,the other half hes on the phone with wife and friends.Tommy J does nothing .I asked him for help one day and he screamed at me hes not here to work.This is no secret at southwoods everyone knows.Both make over 70000. I was fired for too many sick days, Thats true i was sick alot but thats what stress can do.When i worked I did everything.They fired the 47ooo worker who LOVED the kids and helped them . valerie
valerie April 15, 2011 at 05:56 PM
hey sue its val is it true they got rid of you after they figured out who you were
valerie April 15, 2011 at 06:23 PM
Tired of reading teachers are at board meetings to show support. If they dont show syosset has its ways of getting even.They can not speak their true feelings for fear of retaliation
Frieda April 16, 2011 at 03:02 AM
Not sure I remember you valerie, but I worked at the HS, Southwoods, HBT, Berry Hill and Village for 14 years. Except for the two years at Village Elementary, these were the worst years as an educator I ever had. Nobody like Hankin or Streitmann- they talked about them all the time. They talked about their problems so much than nobody ever did any work. They would call in temps and aides, just so they could all go to" all afternoon lunch meetings" that yhe district would pay for to discuss petty little things that did not need these meetings. It got so disgustinng watching these 125 lb woman order triple size servings, pick at it with a fork and then have it wrapped in shopping size bags to take home. The waste of money was never-ending.
Martin April 29, 2011 at 02:50 PM
This statement by the Board is outrageous. The misleading and false information is being propogated by Hankin and the Board of Education. The had 17M left over from last years budget, moved the money to the reserves and did not inform the community. Instead they told us at the last Board meeting that if we vote NO our taxes would have to go up. They never mentioned that unspent 17M could be used to offset any costs. Maybe this Board thinks that it is okay to file the proper paperwork with the state and then leave it up to the community to find this information out. But they had opportunity to truthfully spell things out at the last Board meeting, withheld this information and mislead the syosset community. This high almighty attitude does NOT serve us anymore and is cause for an immediate "NO" vote on this budget. Replacement of the entire Board and Carole Hankin is in order because they are no longer serving the needs of the commuity.


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