Syosset Teachers President Responds to Salary Cap

Jeffrey Rozran, President of the Syosset Teachers' Association, speaks out on the governor's proposed superintendent salary cap.

Editor's Note: n is the President of the Syosset Teachers' Association and a teacher in the

Why is the Governor of New York working so hard to point the finger of blame at the salary of Dr. Carole G. Hankin as if her income alone is responsible for the District’s property tax rate?  Why is he treating her with the disrespect one would expect from an Attorney General to an evildoer, instead of the respect due to a valued public servant? Maybe the answer is that he doesn’t want local property owners to ask why he is cutting aid to the Syosset Central School District in spite of the fact that the State of New York leaves 93% of the cost of educating children here to property tax payers. 

If Governor Cuomo is successful in capping superintendent salaries, he will have done nothing significant to reduce taxes. In fact, the savings per household would average less than $20. The fact that Dr. Hankin is highly paid is not a new issue in this community, and it is way past time to put it aside.  Her pay is a direct result of her success and longevity, her more than 21 years of leading one of the most successful school districts in the nation located in the most expensive region in the state in which to live.

The Governor rightly gets a great deal of attention from the media.  We would all benefit if he would use that attention to motivate everyone to work collectively to find solutions to the very serious problems we face.  This time needs statesmen, not bullies.

Sue March 14, 2011 at 05:46 PM
Deidre, I totally agree with your perspective. Many parents leave everything up to the schools. Schools. Schools are now repsonsible for what the students eat, as well as social and emotional issues. When are parents going to step up to the plate and assume some repsonsibilities? Many parents in the Syosset district do not monitor what their children are doing. They are left in the hands of housekeepers and sometimes even alone, while the parents are off indulging in other activites. The drug problem at the high school is not something new. But do we seriously believe that it is up to the school district to take care of everything. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing!
Alan March 24, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Mr. Rozran's view are like the pot calling the kettle black. Thay should be viewed as such. The whole Syosset administration is way to large for the size of the School District to absorb. Dr. Hankin is way overpayed and the School Board is incompetent. One can imagine negotiations of her contract. Hankin: I'm worth 400K salary because I am so good. Board: We agree Hankin: and if you don't pay me more in Fringe benefits/retirement annuity and Sick days, I will leave my 400K job and find a higher paid jobe elsewhere because I'm so good and anybody would pay me this. Board: We agree Hankin: You should agree because I took the time to come to this meeting when I could have been getting my nails done. Board: We get it and you got it. Corruption at its finest. Never mind, nobody would pay her this elsewhere. Never mind Syosset School District allocates 29K per student of taxpayer money to be so good. How good? Blue Ribbon High School twenty years ago. Hankin would be worth 400K if our students could do as well or better at a lot less than 29K per student. She is actually below par as compared to the other school districts and her salary and the cost of administration should be reflecting the truth not what a conflicted Mr. Rozran want you to believe.
VictorJ April 08, 2011 at 12:29 AM
I'm a graduate of Syosset HS and in 1998 I had Mr. Rozran for English. Although Mr. Rozran knew his subject and taught it very well- I learned early on that Mr. Rozran was one of the most liberal of the teachers I ever had - even excusing President Clinton for his boorish behavior in the White House. Mr. Rozran was famous for answering a question with a question, usually though his question was a veiled attempt to shift the discussion away from what was being asked to what he wanted to answer. This, I believed he learned from studying the liberal politicians , but this technique has been readily exposed as a transparant manuever to shift attention away from the debate at hand. Mr. Rozran askes why the NY Governor isn't being asked why he is cutting the state Education budget? Mr Rozran, Cuomo has already answered that. He is trying to balance the state budget without having to raise taxes anymore. He wants the local taxpayer to decide how much they want to pay for Education without the state subsidies. Kabish? I am seeing through your facade of "public service" and what you are really really behind- Social justice and greed, not the students and certainly not the community. I wonder does Mr. Rozran really believe that Carole Hankin's pay is justice to the "public servant" or just another way for Mr. Rozran and his cronies to claw their way to the top of the payscale on taxpayers backs. By the way, thanks for the A grade.
Sue April 08, 2011 at 12:43 AM
Victor, You make a very valid point, but I must correct you on one thing. You EARNED that grade of an A. Mr. Rozran did not GIVE it to you. You are a very articulate young man, who obviously can see through the rose colored glasses many of these residents cannot.... Have you ever considered running for the school board? It would be nice to have someone represent us who has the interest of the taxpayers....not the glutenous pigs who call themselves district administrators.... The cycle must be broken and now is the time.
Ed Lewis May 17, 2011 at 03:01 PM
The fact that you say "The fact that Dr. Hankin is highly paid is not a new issue in this community, and it is way past time to put it aside, " proves that you are out of touch with reality and what is going on in America. Don't sweep this under the rug, it is not time to put it aside, it is time to deal with with it! I am living in austerity as are many people in this community, you are out of touch. Where does your sensitivity and loyalties lie?


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