Car Break-Ins Continue in Nassau

Part I of Nassau County Crime roundup.

By Heather Doyle

Car break-ins have proved to be a continuing trend in Nassau County.

A total of 20 burglaries from cars were reported in the past week across the area, reported Nassau County Police.

Thieves targeted cars across the county with victims reporting many of the incidents overnight and in the evening hours. Victims lost GPS units, laptops, tires, tire rims, and even auto parts in the burglaries.

In several instances, cars were left unlocked on both residential streets and commercial parking lots, police confirmed.

Also reported were several instances of license plate thefts, with five incidents reported in Mineola, Syosset, and Oyster Bay.

The following information was reported by Nassau County Police:

  • April 9: Barrow Auto Body, Mineola; license plates stolen from victim's parked car.
  • April 10: Syosset LIRR parking lot; license plates stolen from parked car.
  • April 10: LA Fitness, North New Hyde Park; items stolen from unlocked parked car.
  • April 11: Summers Street, Oyster Bay; license plates stolen from parked car.
  • April 15: Richard Lane, Syosset; license plates stolen from parked car.
  • April 15: Monroe Avenue, Bayville; items stolen from unlocked parked car.


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