Cops Find Seal Washed Ashore at Tobay Beach

Mammal appears to be unhurt; second unusual oceanfront event on Long Island this week.

Nassau County Police responded to Thursday after several fishermen reported seeing an injured seal on the oceanfront.

When Seventh Precinct officers arrived about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, police located the 4-foot grey seal about 600 feet west of the main pavilion on Oyster Bay's town-owned beachfront.

Police reported that the seal was evidently not in any distress and apparently uninjured. Officers consulted with a local marine biologist who will monitor the condition of the mammal.

Grey seals inhabit areas off the coast of the United States from Maine to New Jersey and are actually growing in number in recent years, according to Wikipedia. Just last year, a large grey seal washed ashore on Gilgo Beach, just east of Tobay Beach, on Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday's latest seal appearance was the second unusual aquatic incident to occur on Long Island's oceanfront this week.

In West Hampton Dunes, an adult pygmy sperm whale was discovered about 500 feet from shore Wednesday night.

Local officials said the whale, 9 feet long and 800 pounds, was already dead when it was discovered. Officials said it is rare to find a whale that big on beaches in the Hamptons.

In fact, pygmy sperm whales are rarely seen at sea, and much of what is learned about them comes from stranded specimens, according to Wikipedia.

The would perform a necropsy.


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