Cops: Tires Slashed, Car Windows Smashed

Vandals damage 8 cars, two in Syosset, around Second Precinct.

Car vandalism trends continued as cars were scratched, windows broken, and tires slashed in the Syosset area, cops said.

Nassau County Police reported eight instances of criminal mischief in and around Syosset in one week.

In Syosset, a report of slashed tired was filed on Edgewood Drve, according to police. Later in the week, windows were smashed on a car at Retro Fitness in Syossset.

The Second Precinct reported the following burglaries:

  • Feb. 9: Criminal mischief; Ceba Maintenance, Bethpage; tires slashed on car.
  • Feb. 12: Criminal mischief; Jericho Plaza, Jericho; window broken on car.
  • Feb. 12: Criminal mischief; Edgewood Drive, Syosset; tire slashed on car.
  • Feb. 14: Criminal mischief; Perry Avenue, Bayville; scratches, spray paint on car.
  • Feb. 16: Criminal mischief; United Artists Theatre, Westbury; window broken on car.
  • Feb. 16: Criminal mischief; Bethpage LIRR, Bethpage; window broken on car.
  • Feb. 17: Criminal mischief; Retro Fitness, Syosset; window broken on car.
  • Feb. 18: Criminal mischief; Platinum Volkwagon, Hicksville; 10 cars damaged by rocks.

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