Crime Nearby: Murder, Rape Charge in Riverhead

Fatal plane crash charge for Massapequa student, school custodian charged with assault, and other crimes from nearby Patch towns.

A Boston University student from Massapequa has been charged in a New Zealand crash that took the lives of three of his fellow students, it was reported Friday.

Stephen Houseman, 20, has been charged with careless driving causing the deaths of Nicholas Jauberty, 21, a California native who lived in Paris,  Daniela Lekhno, 20, of Manalapan, N.J. and Austin Brashears, 21 of Huntington Beach, Calif., according to the New Zealand Herald.

Authorities said they believe Houseman  over-corrected after drifting onto gravel on the left side of the road, according to the paper.

"We have ruled out any use of drugs or alcohol by any of the young people involved, including the driver," said Kevin Taylor a New Zealand police inspector.

Massapequa School Custodian Accused of Assault

A custodian for the assaulted two district administrators after they confronted him about making threats over a portable radio system Friday, Nassau Police said.

Angelo Tenace, 51, of Shirley, was working at the Hawthorne School facility, which is owned by the school district but is currently being used as the Nassau County Police Academy, when he allegedly broadcast his threats over a frequency used by the district.

The custodian was angry that someone had taken his picture while he was asleep and he said, over the radio, he was "going to get whoever did it," according to a police source.

When two Massapequa school administrators came to the Academy at about 4:15 p.m. to confront him, Tenace became angry and waved a lit cigarette in one of their faces. He is accused of punching one of them in the face.

Police arrested Tenace and said he was carrying two switchblades on him.

He was charged with assault, menacing and weapons possession.

Nassau County Police talked a Seaford man out of a hostage situation after he barricaded himself in his home with his 12-year-old son inside.

The father, Steven Esposito, 42, was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and then arrested. Esposito is charged with third-degree menacing and endangering the welfare of a child.

Garden City Police Investigate Sweepstakes Scam

The Garden City Police Department is investigating a report on May 15 of an apparent scam where a person claiming to be from a sweepstakes network called a resident stating that she had just won a sweepstakes prize of $350,000 and to cover delivery insurance costs, she would have to send a check of more than $1,000 to claim the prize. The department urges all residents to be very wary of these types of scams.

A man has been charged with murder after Mirian Garcia, 29, was found dead last week behind the Department of Motor Vehicles in Riverhead allegedly strangled her with a belt after raping her.

Suffolk County homicide detectives arrested Guillermo Alfonso Alvarado-Ajcuc, 21, of Riverhead in the killing.


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