Question of the Day: DWI

Friday's story of a horrific head-on crash in Plainview raises lots of questions.

of the horrific head-on crash that killed a little girl and a limousine driver raises lots of questions:

Are we doing enough to curb drinking and driving?

Are we winning the so-called war on DWI, or is there more to be done?

Is the truth harder to face: That there is no way to stop people from driving drunk?

Grifhunter September 19, 2011 at 06:59 PM
You can arrest people by the score, lower the DWI blood level, give out the death penalty even and people will still get themselves into cars after drinking. Its because of the nature of what makes alchohol dangereous: its affect on judgment. Once someone gets loaded they have lost inhibiitions and the ability to think clearly about risk. Thats why the Heidgen case is wrong: the kid wasn't conscious of the risk he was creating when he made the wrong turn. There should be technology that will not allow a vehicle to be operated unless the driver has the mental acuity to do so safely. In every car. Its really the only effective possibility.


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