Cops: Robbery Conspiracy at Woodbury Bank

A teller and accomplice, from Huntington, staged a robbery at Roslyn Savings Bank in Woodbury yesterday, according to police.

A teller and an accomplice conspired to rob the Roslyn Savings Bank in Woodbury Monday afternoon, according to Nassau Robbery Squad detectives.

Bryan Bolivar, 20 of Huntington Station, an Nikko Carlson, 20 of Huntington, allegedly staged the robbery and were later caught with the stolen cash.

At 3:42 p.m. on Monday, Carlson entered Roslyn Savings Bank and handed a demand note to Bolivar, a teller at the bank. Bolivar gave Carlson an undisclosed amount of cash. The robbery was reported to police, who, after an investigation, found Bolivar and Carlson had conspired to stage the robbery.

Bolivar and Carlson were arrested without incident and the stolen money was recovered. Both are being charged with 3rd degree grand larceny and 5th degree conspiracy and will be arraigned on Tuesday.

Carlson for criminal mischief with the intention to damage property in September.


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