Sandy Funds to Replenish Asharoken Beaches

$30 million allotted for erosion mitigation project

Asharoken will now be able to replenish its sound side beaches with roughly 600,000 cubic yards of sand as a result of a Sandy funding bill approved by the Senate on Jan. 28.

The Hurricane Sandy Supplemental Funding Bill sets aside $2 million for the completion of a feasibility study as well as $30 million for a sand dump to mitigate erosion on Asharoken's beaches. Asharoken's dunes were virtually wiped away during Sandy allowing further erosion and undermining of the roadway, which has since been repaired.

The Army Corps of Engineers has been conducting an ongoing feasibility study since early 2006 in order to analyze the most cost-effective means of permanent beach erosion prevention not only in front of the Asharoken seawall, but also the entire north shore of Long Island.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) concerns for wildlife and water quality with regard to the proposed locations for sand dredging would be addressed in the feasibility study.

With an estimated loss of about 25,000 cubic yards per year, according to the Army Corps, the replenishment is expected to last about 30 years.

Asharoken is also expecting to receive 45,000 cubic yards of material on the sound side as per an agreement with National Grid by Dec. 31.


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