Delay in Sandy Aid Did Not Hurt Town

Officials anticipated delay in fund disbursement.

The Town of Oyster Bay may have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, but it won't be hit hard by Congress'  delay in voting on a Sandy aid package.

The Town was prepared for a delay in receiving funds for FEMA, according to spokeswoman Marta Kane said Tuesday.

"The Town anticipated a probable delay in reimbursement," she said. "Given the reality of the situation, and past experience in receiving reimbursement funds for Tropical Storm Irene, this is something we anticipated and therefore why we bonded funds in advance, for clean-up efforts."

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The delay in a vote on a Sandy Aid package sparked angry words by Rep. Peter King, R-Seaford, when the 112th Congress ended their session on Jan. 1 without voting on a $ 60 billion aid package to Sandy victims. 

King slammed his own party  blaming  House speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor for the delay and even told people not to donate to the GOP over the failure to vote on the package.

Boehner later patched things up with King and an initial $9,7 billion flood insurance passed last week and was signed by President Obama.

A vote on the remaining $50.3 billion is set for next week.

Meanwhile,  at the first the Town Board meeting of 2013, members passed a resolution raising fees charged the Town's animal shelter.

The cost of a dog adoption was raised from $65 to $80, and cat adoptions went from $59 to $84. The Town also hiked the fees paid to redeem a dog. It will now cost $25 for a first offense up from $15; $50 for a second offense; up from $30; and $75 for a third offense up from $45.

There will be several new fees for redeemed animals including a $5 per day holding fee, $25 for a rabies shot, $10 for a fecal test and $10 for flea treatment.

The  Town will also charge $25 to install a microchip to help find lost pets.


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