Dolan's Company Chopper Causing Buzz over Syosset

Does Cablevision, MSG's top exec commute daily by noisy helicopter? Town Board wants answers.

Syosset's Ralph Catapano, left, addresses the town board Tuesday about the helicopter that flies over his home regularly. (Photo credit: Joe Dowd.)
Syosset's Ralph Catapano, left, addresses the town board Tuesday about the helicopter that flies over his home regularly. (Photo credit: Joe Dowd.)
James Dolan's helicopter habits are whipping up controversy in Syosset.

The helicopter, bearing the millionaire top executive of Madison Square Garden, flies directly over Syosset as it makes its final approach to a nearby helipad in Woodbury.

Resident Ralph Catapano said he's observed the flight path from New York. It's a straight run high above the Long Island Expressway, a swing to port over the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway and then a quick descent to a landing pad at Cablevision's offices.

Dolan's company claims its Cablevison executive helicopter is operating within FAA guidelines and is not Dolan's personal chopper. The Town of Oyster Bay wants the matter looked into.

Catapano says he's caught in the middle and no one is willing to help. "They are very arrogant. I've called them and they don't get back to me," he said of Cablevision. "He has no interest in responding to my communications."

The father of a 2-year-old says he hears the chopper every day and night, emitting a roar so fierce it often awakens his son, who has medical problems. The chopper makes its final approach over the Harry B. Thompson Middle School, just west of Route 135, descending to below 700 feet or so before landing at the Crossways Industrial Park in neighboring Woodbury.

Liftoff comes regularly "between 9 and 10 every morning and (it lands) between 5 and 7 at night," said a Catapano, an ex-Marine who added he's familiar with helicopters and the dangers they pose over populated areas. The roar from the engines and the hum of swirling blades rattle his home on Terrahans Lane, just of the LIE.

What really angers him is that the chopper could land at the former Grumman airfield in Bethpage, a few miles south, and cause little disturbance. The large airfield, still operational, was once used to test fighter planes by the famed aeronautics manufacturer.

Catapano assumes Dolan doesn't want to drive the extra miles across Long Island after a day at work in New York. The Woodbury landing pad is a mere 6 miles to the Dolan family compound, a sprawling gated estate looking out on broad vistas of Oyster Bay Harbor.

"They have very little common courtesy," Catapano told the Town Board. "Why do Syosset residents have to put up with this?"

For decades, the heliport has been in use and is regulated by the FAA and the issue is not entirely new.

The News 12 helicopter frequently uses the helipad as well. Dolan and his family's interests control Cablevision, News 12 and Newsday, along with Madison Square Garden, the Knicks and the Rangers. The company was founded by Charles Dolan, James' father, who lives in a mansion at the Dolan Oyster Bay compound.

Cablevision spokesman Charlie Schueler said the helicoper is not Dolan's personal chopper but used by an assortment of company executives. News 12 also uses the helipad for its flights.

"We are fully in compliance with FAA regulations," Schueler said.

But Schueler declined to discuss whether Dolan uses the helicopter regularly or uses it to travel to and from his Manhattan offices. He also declined to discuss any of Dolan's flying habits mentioned by Catapano, including a late-night landing in July after the All Star Game at CitiField.

Catapano's comments came at Tuesday's regular meeting of the Oyster Bay Town Board, where Supervisor John Venditto directed his town attorney to contact Cablevision about the issue. Cablevision does not have a specific permit to take off and land in Woodbury, but town officials said the FAA doesn't require one of Cablevision.

Venditto said he was frustrated by the situation, which involves a variety of state and federal agencies but leaves open the question of which agency can regulate private air flight.

"If we have a situation in the town that is not acceptable and there is no remedy. That's not a comfortable position for a public officials to be in," Venditto said.
Rob September 18, 2013 at 07:25 AM
"Catapano assumes Dolan doesn't want to drive the extra miles across Long Island after a day at work in New York. The Woodbury landing pad is a mere 6 miles to the Dolan family compound, a sprawling gated estate looking out on broad vistas of Oyster Bay Harbor." The way this is written sounds like a typical "lets go after the rich guy" story. he flys over my house every day too, so what? It's over in less than a minute. Leave him alone the guys trying to run a business
Allison September 18, 2013 at 10:46 AM
^ i agree with Rob. This absolutely sounds like typical "I hate the Dolans" complaint that surface every now and then. Cablevision DOES use the helipad at the old Grumman facilities also, I hear that every day. If these are the things this guy has time to complain about...
Dr. Kim Lurie September 18, 2013 at 03:16 PM
did you NOT read that he has an ill 2 year old who wakes up over the noise? Or maybe the rich business guy's flying habits outweigh the sleeping habits of a sick child?
Daniel Mc Carthy September 18, 2013 at 03:29 PM
Have to agree with the little guy on this one. I would be angry if it was my home and disturbing my family. Dolan should at the very least acknowledge the complaint with this guy. That is the problem, Dolan kept ignoring the guy. Could have solved it without even going to the board. Keep fighting.
Grifhunter September 18, 2013 at 05:05 PM
Yeah, lets drive the Dolans and Cablevision out of the Town, and maybe even into New Jersey, and all the jobs that go with it. The same neighborhoods are seranaded all day, everyday, by landscapers and their gas powered leaf blowers, lawnmowers and chainsaws. Hows about banning power landscaping equipment first?
Rob September 18, 2013 at 05:50 PM
I'm surprised no one has said a thing about the new air traffic patterns. Jets flying low right over Syosset every time we have a south wind and that's constantly ALL DAY LONG. I'm outside as they fly over my house and it's just as loud as Dolans Helo but just keeps going on and on and on
concadistrict13 September 18, 2013 at 11:01 PM
It is a nuisance and should not be authorized to fly so close to a residential community and public school
Constance Roland September 22, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Venditto should stay out of it.. It's an FAA regulated issue. he cant fix thid. Real estate is location, location, location. If the resident is so upset, he can move. Some homes have had major aircraft flights overhead for years, some with sick kids too. Sour grapes for the caveat emptor warning to homebuyers.. Investigate your potential home, know what you are doing. Dolan and Cablevision are smart to just point to the FAA. There is no David and Goliath story here.
Constance Roland September 22, 2013 at 06:59 PM
Nice. And how many jobs with him? Mind you, I have nothing to do with that company.. But for every resident who feels slighted by business actually doing business in this country, remember: the mess we've created by sending jobs out of the country. I'd rather grin n bear a helicopter overhead than lose a valuable asset to Long Island's economy. Or isn't that important? I live near a major parkway and hear helicopters overhead regularly. I also used to live beneath a fly zone. Never once did I go all negative against the business owners allowed to fly overhead. We live here, we love it here. We live in the shadows of the greatest city in the world. It comes with a few discomforts. Take it, or get out. If you do not like someone personally, that's okay, but don't hide beneath legitimate businesses uses that make our world go 'round. That selfish, petty, and irresponsible. If you were riding in the helicopter, I suppose that would be different? Quit the fingerpointing. When you buy a property near commercial property or public helipads, there are no guarantees you will always have quiet solitude.
Daniel Mc Carthy September 22, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Really no need to use a helicopter to fly to work. He isnt that important. This is why I have Fios. Keep the rates down bc they drive to work.


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