'Gatsby' to Take Over TOBAY

Will you participate in this town-wide reading initiative?

The entire Town of Oyster Bay will read the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, "The Great Gatsby," this summer, hopes TOBAY Councilwoman Rebecca Alesia. She introduced the at the recent town board meeting.

While "Gatsby" has been revived in American minds thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio's taking on the title role in the upcoming Baz Luhrman production, the original work has always been at the hands of literate TOBAY residents. Having the will promote literacy while uniting the town, said Alesia. will join other TOBAY libraries in promoting this book club -- that could reach almost 300,000 members if all residents participated.

"When you're in line at the store, instead of being on your handheld device, maybe you'll turn around and ask the person behind you, 'Hey, what page are you on,'" said Alesia.

In addition to the One Town, One Book initiative, Syosset Library will be holding a of the classic 1974 version of "The Great Gatsby" starring Mia Farrown and Robert Redford.

What do you think of the "One Town, One Book" initiative? Have you ever read The Great Gatsby? Were you planning on reading it again now that the new movie is coming out?


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