Israel Re-Elected In 2nd Congressional District

Incumbent heads to Washington for sixth term.

Five-term , D-Huntington, won re-election Tuesday  for the seat, topping Republican challenger John Gomez by 16,509 votes in Suffolk County.

Taking the stage at a gathering of Democrats at the Marriott hotel in Islandia, Israel pledged to continue his fight the district on his return to Washington. "We're going to continue to do what we have always done: Fight for veterans, fight for families...stand up for people who need us to stand up for them. That's what gets us re-elected."

Asked his first priority, he replied, "Winning back the majority" on a night that the Democratic Party lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

"The Republicans have shown they're good at politics," he said. "Now they have to show us they know how to govern."

Israel, 52, was endorsed by the Democratic, Working Families and Independence Parties.

A member of the Huntington Town Board from 1993 to 2001, Israel serves on the powerful Appropriations Committee and is chairman of recruiting for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Before the results were in, Jim Dobkowski, political director for Gomez, said, "The incumbent outspent us 10 to one. Win or lose, Gomez had an honorable showing. It'll be down to the wire. One of two things will happen. It's that the voters will believe Israel's claim that John's just a radio talk show host, or they'll see him for what he is, a Long Island businessman," he said. "His opponent stereotyped him as an extremist, but he's the furthest thing from that."

But Lisa Tyson, director of the Long Island Progressive Coalition, had a different view.

"Steve stepped up and showed he really about about people by supporting health care and green energy. For the past two years, he has defined himself by issues," she said. "John Gomez did not speak to the people of this district. He spoke to (talk show host Sean) Hannity and others like him."

Constitution Party candidate Anthony Tolda finished with 1,133 votes. 

The 2nd District includes Huntington and parts of Smithtown, Islip and Babylon  and a portion of the town of Oyster Bay.

Before their candidates arrived, Suffolk County Democrats socialized and watched election results come in on large projection screens set up in a hotel ballroom. 

Steve Israel 76,082 John Gomez 59,573 Anthony Tolda  1,133
Steve IsraelWatch November 07, 2010 at 02:45 AM
I was a bit disappointed with the economic troubles this country is facing and calls for bipartisanship to solve those troubles that Steve Israel's first priority was "To win back the majority." No matter what party you belong to, that sort of statement isn't going to help him shed the label of a career politician, primarily concerned with his parties and his own relection.
Kelly Campbell November 08, 2010 at 01:58 AM
I have to think he was just joking when he said that. He has proved himself to be a friend to the middle class and fighting for veterans and Long Islanders, as he should. I am unsure of what he has done wrong to make you dislike him unless you are making more than $250,o00 per year and will likely be affected if the so-called Bush tax cuts are not renewed. And he wants Washington to wake up and realize that there are regional differences and $250,000 on Long Island doesn't go as far as it does other places in the country and thes tate, for that matter. I also think many Republican policies create corporate welfare, which I am very much against. Israel also supports the clean energy bill to create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign countries for oil. He said he supports freezing Congressional pay and voting to end existing tax breaks for large corporations that hide their assets in offshore accounts. He also supports increasing benefits for veterans. Do you have anything agaisnt these policies or do you not believe that he is working toward them? Full disclosure: I am a fan of Steve Israel. (obviously)
Steve IsraelWatch November 09, 2010 at 12:32 PM
Thank you for your reasoned and polite response. Well lets just take one point you made. I don't believe you increase taxes on anyone in this economy, I am not envious of people that make more than I do (no, I make well well below $250,000), and this is typical class warfare against people that create jobs. We keep taxing and spending and say "its only on the rich" but as a matter of principal the wealthy already pay more by virture of their tax bracket and in real dollars. I don't like playing the class warfare card, that is not what this country is about: punishing success, redistributing wealth, and preying on the envy of the middle and lower classes for those that make more than they do Think about the proposal for regional difference tax rates proposed by Steve. This bill was introduced 30 days before an election, although he had a large majority in the House and a supermajority in the Senate for two years prior . 7 days after introducing the bill Steve voted to adjourn. The bill would require a different tax rate for every district in the country...impossible! To see this bill as anything other than an insincere election ploy introduced because the political winds were in support of reduced taxation, is naive. Look at the timeline of this bill introduction and subsequent actions, Do you really think the "regional tax plan" was a sincere bill? It is this type of political chicanery that I don't like.
zlobyN November 21, 2010 at 09:03 AM
alrite, Israel's fan, let's look at your Dem talking points. 1. First, the "so-called Bush tax cuts" are very real. People who make lots of money in NY were practically unaffected by the tax cuts because AMT (alternative min tax for the ignoramuses) kicks in high tax states really soon, and basically negates the lower tax brackets. So if those cuts expire, it will hurt mostly working and middle classes. If you are on welfare, of course it won't concern you. 2. Which "Republican policies"? Did you hear about "bailout" which gave a trillion bucks to Wall Street thieves, of whose contributions 75% go to Democrats. Or farm subsidies which only increased under Obama? Surely, learning about that stuff requires literacy and some level of intelligence, which repeating someone's talking points doesn't. 3. So called "clean energy bill" will create jobs at a cost of about 2 mln$ per job. If you think that confiscating that much $$ justifies creating 1 patronage (no doubt) job, then you're defending the corruption and theft - but why would it suprise me.... 4. "He supports...". Did he ever sponsor any bills to that extent in his previous 10 yrs in the Congress? What makes you believe he will do it again? 5. Everyone likes increasing benefits for veterans. The problem is where do you get the money after you spent a Trillion on your cronies? Good thing is that this hack will be irrelevant in the next Congress. You can keep your silly dreams on ice for the next few years.


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