Mangano: More County Layoffs to Close $45M Gap

New plan includes 200 layoffs, cancellation of contracts, reduced department hours.

An additional 200 Nassau County workers will be losing their jobs following an announcement by Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano Monday morning.

Reacting to a report from County Comptroller George Maragos which stated that the county ended fiscal 2011 with a $45 million projected deficit, Mangano announced that as part of his latest plan to reduce the shortfall while not raising property taxes approximately 200 positions would be eliminated, non-mandated contracts would be cancelled, cuts to capital improvement projects would also be cut in addition to reduced hours at the departments of social services and traffic and parking violations agency in Hempstead. The budget had been projected at $310 million earlier. 

“Families that work hard, play by the rules and live within their means deserve better than to be left with higher tax bills,” Mangano said in a press conference at the Nassau Legislature Monday. “Today’s plan keeps Nassau’s fiscal recovery on track while protecting residents from a property tax hike.”

CSEA President Jerry Laricchiuta stopped short of saying that he was used to the news that his union members were once more being let go.

“It seems that every times there’s a problem in the county they react by attacking the workforce,” he said in a telephone conversation. “I’m told they’re not affecting the layoffs immediately. We’ll continue to talk to them.”

Laricchiuta pinned the blame at the current stalemate between the parties in the legislature as the Republicans are seeking to borrow funds to cover the shortfall but are in need of a super-majority, requiring at least one Democrat to change sides. The Democrats meanwhile, have been reported to be demanding to have a better deal regarding the county’s redistricting process.

“The Democrats have not provided a single vote to implement Nassau’s fiscal recovery plan as they simply want to create fiscal chaos and force a property tax hike unless their political demands are met,” Legislative Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt, R-Massapequa, said.

“What the county executive is (asking of us is to) give him a blind (eye) to borrowing,” Democratic Minority Leager Kevan Abrahams, D-Hempstead said.

“We clearly have seen when Republicans control the majority there’s a record of Republicans mismanaging the (fiscal responsibility) of this county. We believe that’s what being proposed in the redistricting process is bad for the taxpayer. This has always been about checks and balances.”

Abrahams noted that his party did support the borrowing associated with the recent retiree incentive as “we thought the incentive was one of the few good ideas that the county executive and the Republican majority had.”

“It’s about politics; it’s about Democrats vs. Republicans,” Laricchiuta said. “The two political leaders have to get together and solve this thing. The Republicans and the Democratic parties have to get together so Mangano can get back to governing. However they’ve got to do it its beyond the scope of the union. The residents are the ones that should be angry because it’s their services that’s being cut.”

Part of a recent savings plan aimed at longstanding county workers was a payout that offered $1,000 for every year of work they had completed as a county employee. According to Laricchiuta, a total of 61 employees took the incentive, but the cuts over the past few years have reduced the level of employees by about 12 percent.

“We were already at bare bones because of the Suozzi administration,” Laricchiuta said, adding that he hopes another incentive is offered under the latest plan Mangano unveiled.

“People think of it as numbers but it’s not numbers,” he said, “it’s lives.”

ed July 28, 2012 at 01:30 PM
The unions are bleeding NYS, its counties, and cities. The pay + overtime + cost of living raises + retirement benefits + cost of health insurance have now added up to more than $144,000.00 per employee in Nassau County. http://nassaucountynewsnetwork.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/newsday-reports-on-employees%E2%80%99-salaries-contributing-to-mangano%E2%80%99s-budget-woes/ For the NCPD the total package, including fringe benefits and overtime, averages $202,400 per officer. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703960804576120191207673466.html Our past administrations made promises (contracts) with the unions that are not sustainable. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/high_price_to_pay_HiWzA3G9wcx7gZkC2VHNgN The unions refuse to make any concessions and as a result people are losing their jobs and our taxes are out of control. Is it too much to ask someone making over $100,000 a year to pay for ½ of their health insurance?
Robert Demarco July 28, 2012 at 02:36 PM
I agree with all you say, but 20% to 25% of health insurance would be reasonable. We cannot afford this form of public employee welfare any longer. Most private employees pay towards their health insurance, and so should public employees. Also, pensions should be calculated on base salary, not overtime. There have been too many abuses of this policy over the years.
fred July 28, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Lorraine that is not really fair. How about 10% of your net worth?
Lorraine DeVita July 30, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Fred your right the dollars i stated ARE to low - instead of 10% lets make it 20% of the individuals net worth or their parents/ legal guardians ! That would be a nice hefty fine & deterent for anyone and nassau would be solvent in no time!
Dan August 10, 2012 at 02:17 PM
We see them Making cuts to jobs which impacts Familys into in Emergency funds if they have . But there is no new job insite which leads to good Familys of Long Island forced to move out of state and replaced with jobs that don't pay taxes and forcing Us to make more cuts and this is just to squeak by this year. How about cuts across the board starting at the top showing everone needs to make this work. Not killing any given family. How about raise freezes and pentions looked at because if we don't do somthing with the pertions the county will be forced down the road to just get rid of them. You can't pay what you don't have.


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