No. 56: Tidy Up Syosset on Saturday

Come downtown for the 11th annual Clean-up Day to make Syosset Spotless.

For this month's we are meeting at the by the train station at 9am on Saturday, rain or shine, ready to spiff up our streets at Syosset's annual Clean-up Day.

This is a 100 percent volunteer event. But additional logistics, such as same-day sanitation removal, will be handled by the . Participants will be provided with gloves, trash bags, shovels, rakes, and brooms but bring along a trash grabber if you have one. And naturally, long-time Syosset resident and Town Councilman, will be pitching in to the effort.

This coordinated effort goes for only about two to three hours so be sure to show up on time. Groups of seven to 10 will disperse, cleaning implements in hand, with their appointed team leader. Areas covered, besides the meeting place, will be Muttontown Eastwoods Road looping around Queens Street by the Post Office and Underhill Blvd. heading south on Jackson Avenue, ending at Jericho Turnpike. In the past anywhere from 40 to 100 residents, along with The Girl Scouts and The Boy Scouts, come out to tidy up our town. And with the weather forecast on our side, lots of folks will be helping out. Even the store owners get involved, it gives them the incentive to brush up on cleaning their area.

And it's no coincidence that the clean up effort runs along the Memorial Day Parade route marching along on May 28.

If you are interested in joining the clean up effort, you may contact Councilman Coschignano's town office at 516-624-6309.

So come one and all and show off your spic-and-span Syosset spirit!


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