No. 58: Drive by the New Improvements Around Syosset

Besides the Jackson Avenue improvement project, there has been additional revitalization found around town.

For this month's we are going to take a mini tour throughout our town to view some small improvements that make a big difference.

Start just south of the train tracks by and check out the new water feature recently installed at the corner of Walters Avenue and Jackson Avenue. Created by Island Aquascape, there is a small waterfall running along carefully placed boulders intermixed with some conifers, low shrubbery, and perennials. In the evening, strategically placed LED lights have a glowing effect on the landscaping.

As you continue north along the street, you will see some new street lamps reminiscent of 19th-century gas lights lining the avenue as well as some red-brick curbside pavers in a herringbone pattern. This was all part of the finishing touches for the .

Head over the tracks and make a left on Muttontown Eastwoods Road. Approaching the traffic light at Route 106, in clear view, will be a majestic entryway, recently restored. What was once ruins strangled by vines and overgrown trees has been transformed into a genuine Gold Coast gate. This is actually the south-east most entrance to Muttontown Preserve, sharing part of the grounds with . 

Follow Route 106 to Northern Boulevard going east. Turn right on Split Rock Road and less than a quarter of a mile on the left side will be The Farm at Oyster Bay. Most folks focus their attention on navigating this winding part of the road, but now that all the heavy brush and tangled overgrowth has been removed—replaced with a stately wrought iron fence complete with new plantings— it's hard not to notice this charming TOBAY property.

As time goes on, hopefully more aesthetic changes will take place to keep Syosset looking beautiful...stay tuned!


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