No. 80: Know Your Small Community Parks

Hidden away in your neighborhood could be a little town park waiting to be discovered.

In our weekly countdown we are uncovering 15 little pocket parks in the Syosset- Woodbury area with some features to note about each play area. Today we'll show you the first six of 15 - come back next week for the rest!

We all know where the big parks are, such as the - our in our 100 countdown - and  on our list - but you may not need to go far to find a field.

Here is your tour of parks, starting from North Syosset:

1. About two block east of the on Cold Spring Road and Magnolia Place is a small park with a playground and basketball court. Enter on either Cold Spring Road or Crocus Drive. 

2. Off of Cold Spring Road across from Magnolia Place is Nevada Street - go to the end of the block, make a left on Arizona Avenue, and a left on Oregon Court. The park is right there. There are cute play sets one of which looks like part of a tree-house.

3. Heading south on Cold Spring Road, go over the train tracks on Jackson Avenue and make your first left onto Ira Road, follow until you come upon the park to your left. There is a lot of open space to run as well as a small area sectioned-off with an old cemetery up on the hill.

4. Head back to Jackson Avenue and make a left onto Convent Road. Make your first right on Albergo Lane and make your way to the corner of Peg Place and Honey Drive. You will come across a very cute shaded park.

5. Make your way back to Jackson Avenue and turn onto Devine Avenue, at the end of the block make a left on Edna Drive. Follow it to the end and you will come upon the Michael Lewis Wolkis Field, named in honor of a baseball enthusiast who tragically lost his life at age 15.

6. Once again return to Jackson Avenue and make a left on Hillside Lane South as you approach the bend you will see a park, on your right, that backs on the David Lerner Associates complex. Besides the play set, there are a lot of swing sets and a basketball court.

Caution: Most parks have poison ivy along the fences and borders. Check out the photo so that you are aware of which plants to avoid.


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