Pols 'Disappointed' Over Isles' Plans to Leave Nassau

County exec announces selection of 'economic development team' to spur redevelopment.

Elected officials who've had a hand in prior planning attempts for a new arena at the Nassau Coliseum expressed disappointment over the NHL team's announcement to leave the county for Brooklyn's Barclays Center in 2015.

"I am disappointed to learn of the Islanders’ plan to relocate to Brooklyn," Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray said. "They’ve been a valued part of this region’s identity, and we wish the team great success in the future. We hope Long Islanders will continue to cheer for the team.

"Hempstead Town, along with Nassau County, has long been focused on progressive development at Nassau’s HUB, including a new home for the Islanders. We worked hard to make that goal a reality. Though we regret the Islanders’ decision to relocate, we remain committed to development at the Nassau Veterans Coliseum site that makes sense for our region and our residents."

Nassau County Democratic Leader Kevan Abrahams was also saddened by the relocation news.

"This is a sad day for Nassau County and unfortunately another crippling hit to our local economy," he said. "To lose the Islanders, Nassau's only professional sports franchise, is an epic failure of leadership at all levels. We must immediately start working on new ideas for the Hub so that the Coliseum does not sit as a crumbling eyesore for generations."

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano called the Hub project the "most promising job creating opportunities in the nation," and has even solicitied private proposals for the Coliseum site after the referendum was voted down by residents.

"It is my intention to ensure that the taxpayers of Nassau County benefit from the economic redevelopment of 77 acres of land that sit within the most dynamic county in the nation," he added.

Mangano will also announce the selection of an economic development team who will serve as a catalyst in redeveloping the Hub into a "vibrant destination and job creation center."

"I believe the depth and experience of our team will allow us to reinvent this strategic acreage quickly," Mangano said, "allowing the economic benefits from Mitchel Field and the Hub to improve the quality of life of every Nassau County resident.”

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KP LIslander December 04, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Maybe it's me, but I seem to be missing something here. Mangano announced plans to “reinvent” the Nassau Coliseum by bringing in Forest City Ratner Companies, the same developer responsible for Barclay’s Center. This is "to help transform the venue into becoming what the county described as ‘an attractive, state-of-the-art destination for sports & entertainment.’ " Really? Mangano is doing this NOW, after Wang’s hand was forced by the TOH & Nassau County & was left with no choice but to move? Why now? Why couldn’t this have been considered BEFORE Wang was left with no option but to move to Brooklyn? How is that going to be paid for? And how would the manner in which this is to be paid for now be any different vs. how such a course of action would have been funded with the Isles kept in place in Uniondale? I don’t get it. I would really like to see the media ensure making it a point to highlight this valid & legitimate aspect in order for this to be rightly addressed as it should be & not glossed over, minimized, trivialized & conveniently brushed under the rug. What a bunch of f&^%ing short-sighted baffoons trying to cover their a$$ in vain. Yet more of the same nonsense from the same inept, dysfunctional gov’t officials being paid by the taxpayer. Mind boggling & unbelievable. Pathetic. And unconscionable that they even have the temerity to act as though they are not complicit or culpable, as if they have done nothing wrong. A-WH()Le$
Lloyd December 05, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Wang is a clown and a loser. Good riddance, Charlie! Don't let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. I couldn't be happier that he's gone. It matters not where. Let Brooklyn and Bloomberg now deal with that sleazebag who ruined a once proud and successful franchise and ran it into the toilet. Is there anyone on here who has PROOF that he hasn't? Can you show me one thing positive that Wang has done for the team or for the fans or for the taxpayers? It's ALL to line his own pockets. But none of you seem to get it. He did to the Islanders what he did to Computer Associates and its officers. Go look it up. BTW..This is all a moot point anyway. The NHL is going out of business and there won't be any NY Rangers, NY Islanders or any other team to compete against each other. Watch for a NEW pro league to form to pick up the ashes of the defunct, locked out NHL. So we may wind up with a new team like in the old WHA. The new Long Island Ducklings may rise from the dead in a new pro league that plays in the newly refurbished NASSAU VETS MEM COLISEUM under the name of the Chase Centre or maybe the Edward Mangano Coliseum.


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