Tell Us: What is Oyster Bay's Top Hurricane Priority?

You advise the town board: What should be done to be better prepared for the next big hurricane?

The Town of Oyster Bay got high marks for their response to Hurricane Sandy.

But going forward, what's the town's most pressing need in preparation for the inevitable next big one?

Coastal flooding was horrendous in places. Houses are destroyed. The beaches along both the South Shore and North Shore waterfronts have suffered heavy damage.

Assuming the town could petition for significant federal funding, what would you advise the town to make its top priority?

Tell us in the comments:

unknownauthor November 29, 2012 at 03:27 PM
each town should have it,s own disaster team which consist of a LIPA crew or two or three which ever the town knows it needs for its population.and a electrican and plumber. the town is closest to the situation an can handle it best, this way the people can call its town to get help and not have to go to LIPA.lets brake it down to units that are closet to the situation. thank you.
Reno DiScala November 30, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Need to aggressively trim and remove damaged trees around power lines. The current methods of trimming used are ridiculous better communication between dispatchers and field workers
Ann Kane November 30, 2012 at 12:31 PM
The town should rethink and not allow houses to be built on the sand/ beaches the need to rebuild is inevitable, the water is powerful and will always win out especially with more moisture increasing in the atmosphere and oceans due to iceberg melting. It is too costly for tax payers to pay for the losses. Thankful to all the private donations.
Sal November 30, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Be proactive instead of reactive. Venditto, as always was late to the dance, his cronies had no clue. They need to have a portion of the budget in ongoing prevention, upkeep, etc. It might not solve all of what mother nature throws at us, but will help TOB residents get back on their feet sooner. Blaming LIPA 10 days after the fact is the usual politicians excuse for his own unpreparedness. If potential homeowners want to build on the water, then why do the rest of us have to pay for their decisions??. Homeowners should also be responsible for any trees on their property that might endanger the power lines or their neighbors homes. This can be initiated as the TOB arranges for tree trimming on TOB property. LIPA and TOB politicos should meet quite regularly and maybe some rules need to be changed, like who can and can't cut a tree, or connect a wire, or even update power line infrastructures. Their was far too much we can't and storm of the millenium talk.


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